The Zombo-khalipze.(not so interactive)

I made this new comic to test something.
Its just a title for now,expect to be updated every day,
If im busy,i will post it.
So,dont expect me to make the best ever,
Im new at posing,i don’t tolerate flaming,
And as everyone makes comics,i will do so…
I will make them with paint cause i am lazy.
F*ck the speech bubbles,ill make them with paint.
For now,this little preview pic.


Yes,the guy haves a pet black headcrab ( ITS A MUTATION,BUT ITS HIS FREND)
Yes,a soviet quarentine is dead on the wall,
Yes,there is a torso.
Yes,a german spade.
Yes, a present with ammunition.
Yes,a sign that says clearly:
Its over.

comic planned,release every day cause im lazy,ill make a seriuos comic,and…
somehow,i need ragdolls,
i got some but they sux.

Oh my god!
Please dont use gm_construct for this comic!
It looks really strange but interesting O_o

i need to use maps,
and i need ragdolls,
no weapons,cause i got sawpack
JUST MAPS PLEASE :slight_smile:
well,i have evocity so its no problem.
i will use it in the random sequences.
i will make first pic now,
thanks :smiley:
im not gonna let this die and dissapoint facepunch,
i would go nervous and kill everyone

PS:Can you get me ragdolls? is not working for me,cause its like crap in Argentina.
it downloads fast,but it doesnt answer when i click the big,giant button Download.
first intro’z and sh*t in some mins
also,i watch tv at the same time i do the comic(with enltv) so i will get many ideas.
thx for feedvack

Erm well you could get the Get a Life Pack.
There are very much good Citizens in it and a bunch of zombies and monsters.
Erm and for Maps idk maybe download the scary maps pack or something like that.

gal pack is prety sucky,and the ragdolls are glitchy for me,they look real crappy.
scary maps pack fucked up my combines,i couldnt spawn them and i had to get another copy of gmod and hl2
but i want to know ,the zombies of your picture,aka avatar,can you gimme them?
posting comic now :smiley:


First sketch:
Ill add other 4 sketches and 3 normal pictures …
thx for attention :smiley:

2nd sketch:

Try settin the screenshot quality up, and when you edit the pics, save them as a high quality jpeg or png, png preserves all the quality, also use the direct link imageshack gives you and place it in some img tags

but it doesnt save even as png,and anyway dont know how to turn on high-quality,
and i double posted accidentally

I assume you’re usin paint right?

Just, click the file format tab thing when you’re saving and click PNG… easy… If you do that the screenshot quality shouldn’t matter so much.

its ok,but im not using imageshack cause it loads like a bitch and takes a hour to upload.
so i use tinypic cause it looks better.
its ok,and im using photoshop for some of the sketches

fuck this,il do mss paint comics,this is dead