"The Zone" - HL2 themed cinematic pictures


Warning - giant pictures ahead.

The Zone was a series of screenshots that I made up without a great deal of forethought, inspiration or experience. I haven’t touched GMod or FacePunch for any reason in a really long time and I remembered the ‘good old days’ of my ragdoll posing. I always remembered my pictures were missing one thing - decent editing - so I began to try it out.

At first I was going to do random poses; until, for some reason, they all began to come together, and suddenly I had created something rather large.

My editing is still kinda shoddy and I think I need to refine my posing some more. But please let me know what you think so far.








Oh, and a bonus, because Half-Dead’s Modern Spetsnaz models are AMAZING.


Can’t get past that wierd finger thing, though.

The best.

I just realized I didn’t put him on the first pic.

Damn it, he was going to be on fire or something.

How’d you edit that pic dude, looks boss, and i agree, the best

So, who is the black guy?

Anyways, the posing is generally good, but the only one that irks me is Johnny, it kind of seems he was done pretty lazily. For the others though, I like the posing.

Also, it seems you’re using simple DOF - it’s better to use super DOF. If super DOF crashes the game, turn off Multicore Rendering in the video options, it should work then.

Amazing. I love it.

“the louder you scream the faster she comes”


Ah yeap, I remember that one. I wasn’t planning on using it, because I knew what I was planning on doing, but I didn’t think it would work. Turned out better than expected; I’ll probably redo it. Give him a bigger gun, maybe.

As for the black guy… I don’t quite remember what was going on with him. Up to speculation, I guess? :stuck_out_tongue:

And I am definitely planning on experimenting with different forms of editing. Like I said, these were all tests - I’m most likely going to add on to it.

The biggest issue is that they’re not really all that different from one another. You need to throw in some not psychotic members, or it just feels diluted.

“Yeah, I’m a one man killing machine that’ll tear through a pack of combine and laugh while doing it, just like my 7 best friends”

Usually that’s a character archetype you want to reserve for one of them, not all of them.

I do like the old man though. He’s fun.

I wouldn’t characterize them all as psychotic. I mean I don’t tell much about any of them, but in a nutshell I see their drives along these kind of lines -

Jackson - Just 'cuz

O’Connor - Fear

Fitz - Rebellion

Geofrancisco - Vengance

Walker - Duty

Tovarres - Freedom

Johnny - Heh.

I laughed at some of them.

That’s actually a very good concept you got there. I wish we actually met a team of rebels like this in the game.