The62DailyGamers We wanna record rust :D key request

Hey, jason and chowder here, from The2DailyGamers ( we were wondering if we could record the early alpha of rust, it looks cool and great so it would be cool to make the first real commentary with a game like this.

our gmail is :

Thanks :slight_smile:

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What do you mean bro?


No beggin for keys

Bro how else should we get a key? look at the channel it’s dying bro we need something new to record :open_mouth:

  • Jason

They are not begging for a key they are asking to record rust for there youtube.

You make minecraft letsplays and upload them to youtube, what makes you special enough for a key above anyone else?

Thanks, finally someone who understand :smiley:


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Well, atleast we will record it :slight_smile: