TheAnyServer - What do you want in a server?

Hi everyone, I have been running a server for a while now and have got bored with DarkRP/Sandbox/TTT and all the standard stuff.

I just want ideas, i’m probably going to just run a sandbox with addons, but I want YOU to tell me what addons you want to see! And type/gamemode etc.

This is for real, any great ideas for the server I will add (within reason) and will be rewarded with donator status on my server (whatever that will mean).

Current setup: Random addons, attracts mingebags due to unlimited ammo and weapons.



Server IP: (add to favourites)

Its running this here:

I may change it to something else though…

Sandbox with various addon packs, i.e: SBEP, EVE, etc. Weapon mods, etc.

something simple

there was a successful avalanche server for awhile, a simple but not ugly map with a large slope, trains n shit spawning at the top, whoever pushes the button at the top first wins

people quit playing after the mapper fucked it up with random lights that tore out the simplicity

If you find a working one ill run it, but I dont have fastDL

Classy Roleplay.

What about a custom gamemode like GMT, it has some shops, money, experience points, levels, and mini games.
[sp]not sure if that was the answer you where looking for[/sp]

But for me, I must have something to do in a gamemode to keep me interested

Sanbox-type with Wiremod, flyable scanners, and a shitload more of addons!

What’s this “GMT” you speak of?

Gmod tower I believe

Sandbox isn’t boring if you have a competent group of people who are interested in building cool projects on your server. This implies a few things:

  1. You have all the necessary tools and add-ons. Some people are fickle to the point that they can’t play without things like SBMP or UWSVN, others are not. A good starting point would be Wiremod, Precision Alignment, and some form of parenting tool (Multiparent or SUPER ULTRA MEGA PARENT X2 ULTIMATE. They both fulfill much the same function). Other stuff past that point is gravy.
  2. Prop protection of any variety needs to be implemented. Servers without it feel strange. Unless it’s a private server, players can’t trust each other not to destroy or move their shit. People don’t build things at that point, they just screw around. I like SPP, but FPP does the job just fine as well.
  3. Combat mods are a dangerous path to take. If the community is mature enough to handle them, combat mods such as PewPew or ACF can add a new aspect to building and instill competition. If they aren’t, you end up with a lot of abuse by random mingebags. A lot of popular building servers eschew combat mods or restrict their usage for that very reason.
  4. Trust matters. People need to trust you and the other administrators on your server. If one of your admins runs around destroying or stealing other people’s work, it damages your reputation, and loses you players.
  5. Do not restrict noclip. The only server that I’ve ever seen that made that decision for a good reason was a build-to-kill server. It was a shithole for other unrelated reasons, but restricting noclip in what can be considered a combat zone makes a certain amount of sense. If you’re just a build server, don’t bother.
  6. There will be addons that you’ll find yourself falling over to implement on your server because they look so cool. Every addon you throw onto your server increases connection times and produces another vector for a crash. Simplest is best.
  7. Different maps are awesome. I and people like me don’t mind playing on gm_construct or gm_flatgrass, but a change in scenery is nice. Shop around for maps that are low on phys-able map objects such as gm_buttes, gm_somebuttes, and gm_bigcity, and avoid maps like gm_mobenix_v3.

I think that’s about it. Treat your players with respect and understand that you, the owner, are there for the players, not the other way around. You’re voluntarily putting yourself in a position to assist and maintain order.

Sandbox with admin mod. Done.

Okay I am going to post my idea and hopefully not get shot down.

Okay so you add custom weapons and shit. Then you load a map like terminal from and add a score meter. Class system is really easy to make, and so is the score meter. Boom.

Mw2 Team Deathmatch. Something someone’s never been able to complete, but it seems easy.

Would you like to assist me with this sir? PM me steamID

KISS: Keep it simple stupid

The rule that most server owners break: Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.

A few tips:
Don’t add any stuff like EXTRA NPCs. Not needed.

Use an admin mod. I reccomend ULX or Evolve.

Wiremod and Adv dupe is essential, but UWSVN is good yet optional.

Prop protection. People will mingebag without this.

Disable voice. For the few GOOD 12-year-olds, use normal chat.

No DARKRP or any type of RP. It sucks hard.

Use a large map like gm_hugeconstruct_v3 or gm_bigcity

Enable CSS, TF2, HL2MP, DoD:S, AOC, PVKII, DIPRIP and Dystopia content. These are most of the GMOD content you can get.

Allow noclip, goD and notarget but dont force godmode.

Allow the start with only Gravity Gun, Physics Gun, Toolgun, Camera and SMG.

Hmm, ok then. Based upon the vote im starting with a specialty gamemode. Come and join me.

Its running this here:

I may change it though