Theater Gamemode


Pretty much just a gamemode for people to request movies that would play on a youtube player or something. Needs a /voteskip, /request movieurl, and /veto as an admin command.

Seems pretty basic, and I’m sure those who enjoy movie theater servers would love having such a gamemode.

i remember some noxious server had a theater plugin that had voteskip. dont have ip ready and they change the map on weekends i think. <-- Noxious Nets MP Youtube server. Go there for all your youtubing / theater needs

Do you have a cinema map for this doctorjohn, i will code it for you if you have one.

Not one that I made, but this is what I was planning on using:

Really appreciate the help!

I’ve made it i am gonna make a Voting system !veto and !voteskip sometime soon.

I’m adding cool effects to it too. :slight_smile:


It would be a nice touch to develop an entity similar to that or a projector so that you could fully utilize the screen that is in this map. It would also be nice if you could somehow implement a player that not only could play youtube videos but also videos that you have downloaded to your computer. Full length movies, etc.

It would still need to be uploaded to a ftp to play the .mov or what ever file it is or it will just play for the person hosting the file.

No No No. full length movies will make people leave. People whine about 10 minute videos, let alone 2 our movies. And we don’t need people uploading their porn videos. Youtube only.

Well if people only want to watch youtube videos, then they need to learn how to access their steam browser. Servers like this are pointless in my opinion anyway. If you are going to have a theater gamemode then play some real damn movies. Come on people.

Where is the fun of watching it with people? Just watching it on your browser isn’t as fun. Plus, someone might request something you would have never thought of watching, but like. I like the diversity of what people request.

doctorjohndorian check You inbox.

It says it doesn’t let people PM you back.

I shall enter your server and request Lady Gaga and Madonna non-stop. Just kidding, hope everything goes well mate!

Okay you can send me PM’s now the gamemode is private for now, intill we/you release it.