theater map

Hi all ppl, this is my first entry on your site, I want to show you my theater map :

Features :
-fully controlable light/spo
-lots of place
-controlable curtain, green/blue/dark/white panel to make chroma key and other stuff.
-beta map, so not finished.
-The curtain can receive the vidéo of the youtube IG player, so good map to watchin youtube in multiplayer.
-lot of fps, ideal for movie making and … (Lights haven’t dynamics light mod).

Have fun !

(and plz feedback)

EDIT : sry for no pictures (watch on, I need to go and quit my PC, I’m late, so I’ll fix this when I come back.

And sry for my english, I’m french \o/

It’s alright.

Looks nice, this map could be useful :slight_smile:

Bon boulot !

Better than that other theater map, though I would use some different texturing for the walls, something a little smoother.

Don’t worry, it’s a beta !

And plz, anyone know a tutorial to add some custom textures ?

Place the textures in your game\game\materials folder. And done.

That’s ok, I’ve place the texture directly in the /material and throw the material folder in toilet :S

That’s alright now !

Thank you very much sir.

It looks very good, I’ll be using this for sure.

Nice job. Pretty useful for some posing or comics. Better than the older theater maps. Clean, not too dark and simple.

Make projection room actually look like one :mad:

absolutely love it, just gotta figure out where to put the playx cam. My server is gonna have a movie event and this will be perfect. Only thing is are you still working on it? A VIP room would be nice as well as the lobby. If your not adding anymore then can I add a few things?

It’s a bit blocky and undetailed, but it’s decent compared to some other theater maps I’ve seen.


Nice. I think I’ll download.

How do I set up an rt screen to use that youtube player anyways?

Ah, I got this the other day, it’s pretty nice - the one thing I would suggest, apart from more rooms, is more options for the lights - different coloured spotlights and stuff. Plus the stage is a bit too big, IMO.

Good map, very much liked it and my server approved but there does need to be a lobby really bad. As a temp fix I scavanged one from another map and hacked it on but still.

Wait, let me get this straight. You decompiled two maps, fused them together, compiled it, and then published it on your public server without crediting or receiving permission from either of the authors?

Good job stealing two people’s hard work for your own benefit, buddy.

Hi, and that’s right, I’m annoyed !

Ok you can change one or two stuff if you want, but stop stealing my work, I know I have to perfect my map, I know I’m late but I’ve some stuff like a movie to do for my school !

But next week I’m in holidays so I think I will work on sdk after I finished my movie so wait few week :slight_smile:

I’ll add :
-VIP room
-entrance (and maybe exterior)
-change completely the light and maybe the main room.

But In same time idk if I’ll start a new REAL theater map, like this :

In more small of course ^^

So for this time, STOP STEALING MAH FUCKING WORK ! (or credit me but :/)

EDIT : I can’t make too many lights, a problem of sdk :’( but I’ll try some stuff like blocklight block :).