Has anyone ever released a Cinema or Theater gamemode, everyone say’s it’s easy to make, yet I have seen no releases

I fail to see the point of it? Sounds like it’d get quite dull fast.

Go have a play on Noxious’s server and see

Theater is a quite popular place to socialize and enjoy your favorite videos together. If it isn’t somebody trying to force their favorite [insert anime/meme/mlp reference] then usually you’re having a good laugh amongst others. I think I’ve even seen some servers go as far as to stream full movies such as Saving Private Ryan. Popular to contrary belief, I’ve sat through one of those movies for more than an hour and I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed myself.

A proper base theater gamemode would be very nice to see, though. It would be very nice to see a lot more theater servers.

I agree with you & especially now with a big number of full length movies being put up on youtube, I’m looking to host an Australian server if I can find or create the gamemode (Unlikely)

The gamemode is simply a map designed for a specific amount of players or a more advanced map such as some I’ve seen, I think called by Gmod Theater, I believe they shut down due to the extensive damage done by Gmod 13’s update, anyway if you REALLY want a simple theater gamemode for a few people. Disable spawning props, disable weapons, set walk speed and disable microphones, then install one of those youtube addons that allow projection of the specified URL. Set down seats, enjoy.

Sure, its not as awesome, but you all still get to enjoy a heartwarming video with your friends.

So people would essentially watch videos together and type about it in the chat? Why do this in GMod? Why not do it over skype or something with your friends?

It has worked for many years and for obvious reasons too. A vast majority love Gmod, especially the new Gmod13 update. I went bananas for that. We all love new things and we love the fun theme you get to “roleplay” if you will. I mean, its just all too fun. You walk into a virtual theater, you sit down with people you can crack jokes with, plus the videos are all collaborative contributions by various people and not just a few in skype. Not to mention that theaters in gmod usually have synchronized playtime amongst each other so you may laugh with each other and get a bunch of different reactions.

Also, to mention that you can all communicate without actually disturbing the video. I don’t see much coordination in skype if everyone is talking over each other, you hear each other talking and you all have to try and synchronize videos together.

I really want to get a server up now

We, pixelTail Games, are currently working on a Theater gamemode ourselves.

It’ll support YouTube and other services. It features multiple theaters, private theaters, video queuing and voting, and more. It should be available on Workshop around Christmas time this year.

Here’s some screens of what we have so far:[/thumb]

Nice job that looks great!

PG rated?

I’ll throw some donations at you when it’s released :3

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R rated would be interesting…

I like the idea of an R rated theater, sort of an all out kind of thing with WebM included in it.

How generous! I’m sure everybody will be pleased to see it on workshop in due time. Though, I’m surprised. Most gamemode creators tend to make their “super special” gamemodes “EXCLUSIVE” :rolleye:

are you even reading?


where is the exclusive there

I was reading, I should be asking you if you are. I even complimented how generous he was. It wasn’t sarcasm. I simply pointed out that we’re lucky to have it come on workshop while a bunch of others tend to hog it to themselves.

You fucking idiot, That was so stupid.

Let’s play nice now, he’s just an idiot.

As for the theater mod, I’m sure we’re all anticipating it greatly and I personally hope to get to try it firsthand on MacDGuy’s server.

and then Nick’s R rated server.