Hello, Is Theater a public gamemode, if so is it posted on facepunch.

Best Regards.

google search it gmod svn theater

Ninja, you do realize that gamemode is mostly empty right? Well besides the
camera spawning.

I just saw tyvm, I was doing a quick search.

We, pixelTail Games, are working on a Theater gamemode which we plan to release on workshop. Here’s a highlight from a previous thread.

We’re hoping to release around Christmas, but it will likely end up taking a little more time. I’m currently finishing up final exams. Here’s an image highlighting the addition of the queue, Vimeo support (video playing on the screen), theater_nexmultiplex_1m map support, and more video information displayed on the screen.


If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them and we’ll consider.

Is there any page that can keep us updated with progress? Also on release could we get a SVN version too?

I’ll create a thread around the 21st. Also, I’ll most likely setup a repository on github on release.

Thanks alot bud

Can you set up a mailing list so we can DL it when it’s ready? :slight_smile:

I’ve setup a placeholder website for the project, which links to the github page.

Just follow the github repository for when I update.

Awesome can we expect a beta some time soon?