theater_lit & theater_empty

I haven’t made a map since sometime before Ep. 2 was released (and it probably shows) but I did this recently for a class project and figured I’d share it. I doubt I’ll ever revisit it unless there’s a major issue that makes it just not work. It may or may not be appreciated, but it is a different style of theater and a little more detailed than the other theater maps I could find on

theater_lit is a version with various stage lights turned on. They illuminate most of the theater.

theater_empty has all the stage lights turned off, with only the perimeter lights remaining. This is so you can set up your own lighting with gmod and get a higher contrast focusing light on the stage.

Let me know if this looks like it may be useful.

Download here

What are the blue things on the walls and ceiling? Why are some of them a weird shape?

Not sure on some of your texture choices, and I’d have stairs instead of ramps.

Seems quite small but nice none-the-less.
Is the backstage accessible?

They look like extra details, possibly trying to imitate a cloth material (explains the odd shapes)

I was thinking they were probably cloths or something too, but the weird shapes of the ones at the back were throwing me off.

Yeah they are pretty odd looking shapes…

The odd shaped blue things are acoustic damping panels, many theaters have carpeted panels on the walls to reduce echo, the odd shapes were just a aesthetic choice. The map could have been a bit better if I had time to model stage curtains. Textures would look better on them, not so stretched out, but as it is I had to use displacements. Some actual theater seats would have been nice as well.

Oh, Dosycool, yes the backstage is accessible. It’s small, but there.

Looks good. Try to use buttons to toggle the lights,that way you dont have 2 maps and pakrat to bake your textures in the map.

God please no that’ll lag like a motherfucker.

The map itself looks great, my only grippe with it would be the sprites. They look out of place.

how exacly can that lag? you just turn them on/off

What? My theater map has tons of lights, and they’re toggable, no issues. Even then, i don’t see how it could happen

Lights with names tend to fuck everything up.

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At least for me, they do.

For everyone. Lights lose a lot of the coolness factor if given names.

Holy crap, IronPhoenix, a name I recognize from 4 years ago.

Anyway, if someone really wants to use this, or feels extra features are needed in order to, I suppose I could go in and add some. If it will work out just fine as is I’m not going to bother.

You haven’t been in the mapping section much i presume :slight_smile:

I was, about 4 years ago. You’ll notice it says I’ve only posted 15 times. That should be at least in the hundreds, but I presume at some point numbers were reset.

Many sections have been deleted and shit

Really? Can you be more specific?

Or do you mean on the forums?

Lots of forum sections, not you personally.