- Zombie Survival v2.01 Server!

Hey, I’m doubleedge and some of you here may know me, or may not, anyways I’m here to advertise my server to get it more popular as it currently has 118 members, feel free to join or sign up to my forums which is located in the following details.

[ul][li]Server IP:
[/li][li]Slots: 32
[/li][li]Steam Group:
Thanks for your time on looking at this thread and maybe I’ll see you guys there.

NOTE: The server is not hosting Zombie Survival v2.01 at the moment because of the crashing problems due to the particle effects, as soon as a fix for it is released hopefull it’ll be back on ZS but for now it’s in Sandbox.

Friendly community; lets hope we can get the server back to ZS in the near future!

Yeah, as soon as the particle crashing is fixed the better, then I can get Zombie Survival back up and running.