What is The Free Community Project?
The Free Community Project is a Garry’s mod server project that looks to change the growing pay to win tendency that has been growing in servers. Many servers in Garry’s mod choose to make basic functions such as wire mod and basic jobs (DarkRP) donator only. This means you sometimes have to pay large sums of money in order to fully enjoy a server. I as many other people, believe that a server shouldn’t focus on generating capital, but instead focus on creating the best user experience. Therefore, some friends and I have started The Free Community Project in hope of making a DarkRP server that doesn’t have any donation elements and instead will be a server for the players where all features and jobs are unlocked.
How will The Free Community Project work?**
The Free Community Project will be a normal DarkRP server that will have no donation benefits. You will be able to donate to help the server stay alive, but there will be no new jobs/features or printers when donating. The server will rely on ads, but it won’t be of any notable scale, the ads will appear for 5 seconds upon death. We also want to ensure the best quality addons and will be open for help from coders, but more about that later. The server staff will consist of the people who have helped create the server from the beginning and we will be open for moderator application. We will enforce strict rules and will be logging the activity of every staff member. That means if a staff member doesn’t do his job, then he will be instantly demoted. To ensure players safety there will be strict rp rules to make sure RDMers and any other type of rule breakers will be dealt with, as quickly as possible and most likely result in a ban. This will help keep RDMers out and ensure the safety of roleplayers. While we do encourage hard-core roleplay it won’t be a rule, the project aims to be semi-serious, that way we will target a huge audience within DarkRP.
How can I help?**
We are looking for any kind of help. Whether it would be coders or common people. For the people that do not have the skills to code it would be amazing to spread awareness of the project and keep in touch (links can be found below). We will also need feedback how you would like to see this project turn out and whether you think the project is a good idea.
For the coders it’s quite different. If you think this sound like an amazing idea, then we would gladly accept you onto our small team. We already have some ideas and concepts of addons and scripts that would need a coder’s hand. The addons are well described and should be easy for a skilled coder. If you wish to get in contact with us and jump aboard the train, you are more than welcome to check the links below.

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Contact us:

I understand your frustration in the amount of servers that have terrible moderation, costly donations for standard features and horrible addons. I do think it is a good idea but I think you are taking it over the top. People have done things like this and it isn’t particularly hard. I feel like your words and thread is to get people to give into you and to do free coding so you can host “really amazing free DarkRP Servers”.

The idea is not free coding, but a proper darkrp server without the pay 2 win element. The only way to attract players is a server with good features and a good concept. The coders hold just as much power and influence in this project as i and the other people invovled. This is not about free coding, but about changing the business model of many gmod servers.


I like to call this concept ‘ConfigCoding’. Ever since I have returned to coding in GMOD I have noticed that everything has to have a config. (if you want to sale it).

It’s real unfortunate that 10% of the servers have a unique server, but it’s very unfortunate that the 5% usually ends up dying.


It is nice to see all the content that is being created by the good authors.

Another ideas guy here.

I can help you for $50.

It does sound like an interesting idea but I doubt ads are really a feesable way to do things.

There are servers with donator perks which do things right and don’t ruin the fun for normal players. They also earn money which means they can be flexible and extend their servers.

This made me chuckle a bit, you have people who are working for FREE you need to be somewhat open minded, don’t get me wrong being a free worker doesn’t entitle you to not do your job, after all you volunteered. But you know the saying, you get what you pay for. Don’t expect everyone to be running onto the server every day to do your bidding 100% accurately else you’re going to demote your whole staff team.

i mean it’s a good idea, but come on, lets be real here, most of the darkrp player population is 12 year olds with access to their moms credit card willing to spend hundreds to get some overpowered pay2win “donator” shit

How to tell the 1% good servers from the shitty 99%

  1. Talk to the owner(s) through an actual VoIP method (and I mean get the owners to talk on mic). Do they sound like kids? Disconnect
  2. Do they have incredibly broken English (if the server is meant to be in english)? Disconnect
  3. Do the admins fly around noclipping visibly and physgun people away for rules offenses? Disconnect
  4. Do they have a ‘store’ for in game vehicles or other crap where the only way to get them is to pay real money? Disconnect
  5. Do they plaster the word ‘donations’ everywhere when in fact they exchange virtual goods and services for your money? Disconnect

I don’t understand how anyone’s meant to keep a server running without asking for donations and stuff - but then again, I don’t know anything about servers

Because the word donation implies getting nothing substantially or proportionally in value to the money given.
Everyone who says ‘donations’ says $5 for X money and $10 for double that money or a bonus more but associates real values to ‘donations’ making it actually a paid product.

Further to the point, there is an OVER SATURATION of shitty servers whereby the top 4 games are always sandbox, darkrp, ttt, and prop hunt. Original gamemodes can’t get noticed easily because of the stupid way the server listing is.
99% of people who run servers should not be running them because they don’t have a fucking clue what they’re doing. Usually they get permabanned from a community and shriek THAT SERVER IS SHIT OMG IMA MAKE MY OWN and then they do and then realize it costs a lot and ask for ‘donations’ in exchange for virtual goods and services.
GMod could actually be a wonderful place with many different experiences if only 13 year olds wouldn’t be idiots and get banned and decide to throw up their own darkrp, ttt, prop hunt, whatever bullshit servers and beg for money to run them.

If you think about it, legitimate owners who want to make a server for fun and the community, put their time, effort, and money into a server just to let people have fun. Donations can be good if they are done right. (IE: Just cool cosmetic stuff) It helps out the owner maybe even to earn a little extra money.

This is the important one for me. In the short time we ran a Dark RP server, one of the biggest things we always told our admins to do was not to take people out of RP unless necessary ( eg, don’t just teleport ‘witness’ after ‘witness’, and the victim etc, only the accused and only when you know they actually did something ), and also not to fly around visibly, and to teleport people to roofs instead of carrying them halfway across the map.

You go on so many Dark RP servers now and see admins hovering, dragging players, exclusive admin skins etc it’s just ridiculous. A good server should only see the admin team when there’s a problem - they shouldn’t be screaming in your face ‘Look at me, I’m the Owner, I’m an Admin!’.

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Although chances are unless you’re running a fairly large server with many unique players joining and donating, you won’t be ‘earning’ money, only covering the hosts. The second you start earning money, it really should be declared and taxed as well, which is why they’re usually classes as a donation.

So many people start up servers nowadays thinking they’re going to put it up for a couple of weeks and ‘cover the costs of the setup’ and then only after they covered the cost of the setup and paying for the server will they split the money between owner, sub-owner, owner’s son, owners dog etc. Where’as in reality, you’re not going to get that much.

I love how there’s 1 vote saying “Yes, its amazing” (Btw, ‘its’ - really dude?), I WONDER WHO THAT COULD BE???

could be a sarcastic vote :smiley:

please no

why does your fp look like steam

pls tell

So what you basically are doing is creating a DarkRP server with no donation incentives and forcing players to look at ads when they die, and you want people to code it for you?? And you also have rules like every other server, too? Nice.

What I understood is this: you’re the ideas guy, you’re making a DarkRP server, you don’t know how to code (at least very well), and you somehow think this is going to be seen as a revolutionary new concept that everyone will want to be a part of. I can guarantee you that it will not work.

What do you expect them to do if they break a rule? Give them admin? :what:

You realize that’s not the definition of the word donation. If the community has a proper set of ToS, you are fully aware you are donating, not buying anything, and you are being rewarded with the weapon or the extra perks etc. The community doesn’t have to give you anything, its like you donating to Cancer Research, they say they will give you a teddy bear, but there not entitles to, its just a reward for you donation. Get your facts straight. You send like every failed charge back case I have had, which is all the charge back cases I have had.

Lose the attitude. Fighting bad attitude with bad attitude never works.
But I think you’re missing the point. The point is - Players don’t donate because they want to donate and ‘support the server’. Nobody donates 80$ because he likes the server, and the custom job + insane amount of money + printers + all of the “VIP” items are just something you get ‘rewarded’ with. They donate because they want those perks. And why should you be rewarded for donating? Some people don’t have the luxury to donate to any server they want, or have parents that are against online payment and so they can’t, even if they have the money. You shouldn’t be getting an advantage over other players just because you have the money for it. That’s not what a donation is about.
In your example - The teddy bear is completely symbolic. It’s been psychologically researched and when people receive something that is completely useless to them in exchange for money - They will feel much better than getting nothing in exchange for money. It’s literally just for profit - But THAT is for a good cause