TheFruxoPost - another one of those unofficial community blogs

I’ve decided to start my own garry’s mod community blogs to showcase the wonderful talent garry’s mod people have to offer, this includes my daily picks of maps, sweps, toybox items and many more! You can submit news (I set it up, hopefully it works) if you find something cool or you can PM me for something you want me to showcase (shameless self-promotion)

Of course, if you’ve got a tumblr please follow it, if not RSS it.


Hope you all read the articles soon to be posted in the next weeks or so,

Maybe post some news and try to work on the text/back ground because it’s kinda hard to read.

For me it’s fine but yes more news to come soon, I only started this today.


It doesn’t matter what sort of software I use, it just has to have good content. Besides I don’t see you attempting this so you practically have no input in what ever software I feel comfortable using.

New Post - My take: Toybox

Start following me on g+ too, I’ll be posting updates on this thread and on that.

I’ve personally seen more quality content on Tumblr than I do on most blogs that have a registered domain and running Wordpress.

A registered domain using tumblr would surely be a lot better then?

I’ve been told by garry himself that it doesn’t matter if it says .tumblr or .com it is still okay, besides I really don’t want to fork out cash for a domain if it goes horribly poor, what’s wrong with having .tumblr in it anyway?

Have you ever gone to a site to read something and then gone “Oh wait this site doesn’t have its own domain, I’m not going to read it”

For $3/year what’s wrong with having a domain?

I see your point, but typing is easier than

If the content is good, it shouldn’t matter really how long the URL is.

New post - Exploiting at all odds

Also - please stop arguing about the domain, I will not invest in one unless this gets popular, full stop.

So bossy!

Just a heads up guys you can submit post


Submitting is much appreciated and most times I’ll accept them, make sure you read the guidelines!

New post, been a while since I posted one.

Roleplay, what’s the big deal?

Sorry for the lack of post guys, I was finishing off my final exams and assignments, now I can go on posting again.

Anyone have any suggestions for me to make an article about?


I don’t like your writing style. You opened your latest post with a personal rant about roleplay and how people focus so much time on it, and the reader is left thinking, “Well, so?”. If you want to actually have quality content, don’t write garbage like that. Instead, explore differing arguments and points of view to the topic you’re discussing. People don’t want to take the time to hop on your site and read an extended version of some OOC rant on DarkRP from a travelling “SeriousRPer”.

Thanks for your constructive criticism, I’ll admit I went a little too off topic and I should of done what you have said, that should be the final time it happens.

Again, thank you.