TheGameStation to make a gameplay video of Rust

Hello dear Rust community and moderators,

I am Simon Bates from TheGameStation podcast community.
If you haven’t heard about us, we’re a collective of game reviewers / vloggers with a fanbase of over 600,000 people that focus on games and gaming culture.

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We plan on covering more up and coming games in the near future and we were highly intrigued by Rust.

I understand the game is under strict beta access control, we would want to know if a contest to win beta keys via our channel would be something that interest you guys.

You may contact me at with my name (Simon Bates) visible in the object or directly via our youtube page (link above) for arrangements.

Thank you for your time and hopefully we can cover this game in the near future as it looks very hip and interesting


Personally I think you should contact the Dev team directly. As for exposure, its probably too early for the game for anything more than a small amount of exposure. Maybe a look in every few months as the development moves forward. As it is the exposure from Reddit and PSI has caused issues for the forums and in game players alike, although I expect that to settle down with time.

oh boy…

Perhaps the game is too early in development to be promoted yet.
I personally will definitely keep an eye on this thread to see when we get the green light but I must say it’s a very good opportunity to get some attention driven to the game, even if it’s only at the alpha stages.

A lot of gamers watching our videos are looking for fresh new games with different mechanics and playstyles, we get tons of requests every day for game like these. A lot of Minecraft or DayZ/WarZ fans would love to get their hands on this!

that’s the problem

you’d be better off PMing a dev or even emailing one rather than posting a thread here, especially if you want to have some sort of beta key promotion

This game is too early in development and bringing in that much exposure might end up causing another reddit senario, but on a larger scale.

And I think that nobody wants that.

We are not looking to overflow the game’s current player base with new comers, we would only hand out a few keys and get some hype going, like we do with a lot of other games with success.
I understand that it’s still early and the game might go through some pretty drastic changes but hopefully the Devs see it differently.

Have a good day.

so why aren’t you guys using your domain for emails instead of hotmail?

Probably to keep costs down, Youtube money is not the millions people assume it is (especially if 600k subs are being split between a group).

More importantly, what does it matter and whats with the unsolicited attack? The guy is trying to promote the game and improve his channel, what harm?
Why do people have to turn personal? :confused:

I personally just don’t think it’s a good idea right now. But, I’m not Garry, Pat, Helk, etc, so they should do what they think is best.

It was simply a question, as for a professional site, you would assume that they have a corporate email. It seriously makes me doubt that this is legit.

I have to agree that the Devs are doing a good job at keeping the hype on.
After reading through some threads I realize how people are already starving for keys so perhaps my timing was a bit off.
I’ve also read about the whole reddit situation and our goal isn’t to create such a mess once again.
We will wait to see what the Devs have to say about this and hopefully we can come to some agreement that would benefit both parties.

Thanks for such quick responses

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No harms done with a simple question.
TheGameStation has a ton of vloggers and podcaster. I do a lot of research on up and coming games and work closely with a lot of known figures TotalBiscuit, Dodger, etc.
TGS is a community more than anything and anyone with a passion for videogames can join us and put some work to improve the channel.

No hard feelings, I hope that answered your question.

PLEASE DON’T! seriously after your REMAG episode today linked the beta, its had cause a large amount of spam in the forums because of people crying:
“how do u get the beta key pl0x? gib me beta key email is [insert email here]” i mean, a large amount of players storm the rust alpha after hearing about it a week ago,
not only getting the beta registry shut down but also sparking public concern of mass griefing, like in dayZ.
I guess its up Garry not me, but if you do it might not only destroy the community of rust even more than before, but garry’s inbox will most likely be violently raped as well.

I will take the community’s stance on this and not release a possibly harmful video that could poison your experience as players.

Obviously I would like to work closely with the game Devs in trying to find a solution to cover something. We will most likely start with a patch note update kind of vlog with as much information I can gather without actually playing (you guys’ opinion and feedback through the forum).

Once again thanks for such quick responses on your part, you make my job a whole lot easier.

The game is pretty broken right now, and mostly unplayable because of spam, server issues, lag, and cheaters.

Don’t bother right now. You can try bugging the dev team but they’re probably really busy.

Yes that’s what I was driven to understand. That’s why I did not message them yet based on what I’ve been told so far.

Obviously we are not in such a hurry to release a vlog on this particular game yet but the time will come soon I imagine.


As well written and understanding this guy sounds I did a google search for that email address and found nothing. I think it’s just some dude trying to get a key.

Youtube* is* a lot of money, and setting up Outlook or Gmail accounts for a custom domain is free, easy, and it helps a lot with brand recognition and marketing.