Theinfamous Gaming !! Garry's mod server

Welcome you dogs,cats,rats,ass,vaginas,humans,hackers,and kids.

Did you ever dreamed about making base and having printers inside your base? Tadaaaa there its it !!!

Theinfamous gaming basewars server!!!

New gamemode in developing

What we offer you !? 24/7 of fun !!!


-Wire installed
-Orange box props
-Xenon servers hosting
-Friendly admins
-$$$ +20% more
-And Good staff!!

We have only 1 server but we are getting one more soon!!

Wait, weren’t you that one person who got his server stolen? Oh well, I’ll take a look at the server later.

I leaved the stealed server ^^ Canceled paying :slight_smile: but whatever :smiley:


More printing event
until september


Money printer print more +20% more than normal

money printers… oh god, we have another one.

What ?

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This aren’t normal printers this is unique They drop money every 3-6 seconds and you can upgrade printer

Example bronze printer : lvl 0 print 120 every 5 seconds you can upgrade this printer to lvl 2 max

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Tosto i think i accidently rated you as dumb

It drops 120$ every 5 seconds? Do you have any fucking idea what will happen to the economy with that kind of inflation? It will screw everything up.

Heh but upgrade does cost much much :smiley: and I think i typed wrong some 10-12 seconds … i will fix soon :smiley: as I said New gamemode in build status

It should be 10 MINUTES, not seconds.


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Nutnuts then register at our forum and post loong ideas list and i will do all what you write until tommorow

I don’t have a list, but let me tell you this:

Make money hard to get and then add a very expensive, hard-to-get item that people should strive for. This item should mainly be for “fun and looks”, not something else. This gives players a goal to reach, without discriminating new ones.

I am selling money for real money 1$ = 50,000$

Too much.

Have two donations.

5$ = 10K
10$ = 25K

This way, you don’t mess up the economy, reward people for donating and give them an incentive to get the 10$ one, all in one shot!

I see you like throwing a lot of money out there. This is very bad, messes up the economy. Here are a few server finnancial tips:

  • Make sure donations are NOT over-powered, don’t give them so much money
  • Don’t add a single way that gets you so much more money than the other ways
  • Do NOT, EVER give anyone infinite money. This includes yourself.
  • Do not make too high rewards for some actions.

Injecting too much money into the economy screws it totally. I know.

Ehm 5$ for 10k low lwo i think i will make 1$ = 1000 ingame

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or 1$=2000 ingame this better :smiley:

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I will make hard to get money soon :smiley: REALY HARD :heart::heart::heart:

Its not. Trust me. Plus, if you have something like 1$ = 10K, then one guy will donate and split it with his friends, so they don’t have to donate.

Plus you will scare away people with it. Do what I say, I know from experience, that is the best base.

Uhm … okay then :smiley:
But i need help … I know make a paypal buttons place it but i need on webside something like a customer type example in window : How much you wanna donate example 1$ and there will be displayed amount and if they type 50$ there will be displayed another

You don’t. You add the donation details in the donation, not PayPal page.

Also, get rid of wiremod, you really don’t need it for basewars, people abuse the hell out of it.