Their Final Stand- A Zombie Rush

Bill: “How much ammo ya’ got Francis?”

Francis: “Plenty.”

Blake: “I should’ve stayed in Denver…”

Louis: “OH SHIT!”

Zoey: “Oh no, we’re dead.”


-Firemasheen and Fire Kracker are meanies :saddowns:
-Don’t ask why I named the pilot Blake, I just thought it was fitting.
-Don’t ask where I got the mini-gun, there are plenty others like it.
-Black bars add cinematic effect. :v:
-Don’t look if you haven’t spotted the clipping. [sp]LOUIS YOU’RE THUMB?! WHAT THE HELL?![/sp]
-Hey, no Zoey ass shots. :smug:
-Francis is badass.
-I don’t know how long I will keep doing these notes.
-Bill is a badass
-Louis is a pussy

  • Zoey is… well… frgihtened I guess.
    -Retarded zombie chick on the left end of the charge picture.
    -Blake is a newbie.
    -I cannot wait for Left 4 Dead 2.
    -That is all.

But the Heli guy is a zombie.

Not yet he ain’t.

Or maybe he’s a different dude.

Or he’s immune.

Louis’ expression made my day.


Seriously though, this is awesome. Editing and posing is fantastic, and the faceposing is just fabulous. I lol’d at the notes :3

That helicopter pilot is a SPY!

And those zombies are pretty close, it would have been epic if the second shot was all of them firing at once. Great posing though.

Amazing stances and faceposing.

Chopper pilot needs a wash.

Or got shot in the face by Zoey.

Francis - “Hey, Zoey, just pretend they’re all helicopter pilots!”
Pilot - “Pretend they’re WHAT?”

Or there is no relation.


Thanks for the comments.

The chick on the left looks dully surprised.

Goddamn, this thing is epic.


The chick on the left looks dully surprised.

Goddamn, this thing is epic.

Nice. The notes made me lol like hell.

Love the picture ^^ great work! And the posing is gold.

But umm… with those weapons, they are not actually in trouble at all :stuck_out_tongue:

So epic he had to say it twice folks! :bravo:

should have stayed in denver lol

Zoey sounds optimistic.

I don’t know why but I kept that in my head as if it were his catch phrase or something. It makes just about as much sense as when Francis says “Merry Christmas” to Bill in the intro video…

no wonder why those zombies are so aggressive - the quartet fucking has one of the zombie pilots hostage so they can’t fly back to hell. those assholes !

The posing of the left 4 dead characters is bad, doesn’t fit with the setting, the pilot has a terrible texture resolution and sticks out like shit on a white carpet.

You should have named the helicopter pilot Frank.
Like Frank Lapidus from Lost.

Lost fan.