"Their legacy lives on within each of us."

I might as well start writing about Newton’s world. Or start making a comic (I shouldn’t speak of such nonsense until Vandal: Episode Two is released).

I know the birds are NPCs. Antlions and birds are the only things I would ever use NPCs with because they are a bitch to pose.

Oh and if you see anything that looks remotely like a person standing… staring… it’s a lie… your eyes are playing tricks. I’m serious, there’s no one else. Truly.

The Gang’s Names:

MA:N - Mechanical Assistant: Newton (The LOKI Mech)

RO:M - Replicated Organic: Molossus (The FENRIS Mech)

N88 - Nate Eight “Nate” (The YMIR Mech)


You earned a place in my most respected posers. I absolutely love your stuff, keep it up my friend. :love:


Hey Ben, there’s an easy way to pose pigeons and Antlions.

First off, spawn a bird/antlion NPC. Set the phys timescale in the admins options menu to 0, and kill it (there is a weapon in toybox that kills it without leaving any bullet marks). Then, Freeze all the major joints (try to freeze it all if you can), and set the timescale to 1 again. If it didn’t tumble over dead, it means you correctly froze all the major joints. Now save it to adv dupe, and you can use them whenever you want!

Gmod 10 doesn’t have phys_timescale. I think.

If so that would be helpful.

Anyhow, thanks everyone for the comments.

it does but it doesn’t work in the same way as it did in 9.

also i love you ben, never stop posting

In time, all good things come to an end.

In time, everything must come to an end.

That is true.

It’s lovely :slight_smile:
Just what’s the red spotch behind the Ymir’s right leg?

traffic light

Red spotch? What red spotch?

Oh that, yeah it’s a traffic light.

Ah thanks, I can see it now when I pull away from the monitor.

what map’s that by the way



No problem.

Bumping, this really deserves more then 16 posts.

Why does it deserve more then 16 posts.

Because it’s something original and pretty and I said so. :colbert: