Their Unforeseen Consequences

These pictures are an extreme depiction of the storyline. You must understand the game before you can fully understand these.

Well played, Sir. :golfclap:

Believe it or not, it all makes sense now.

And get your cranial-conjugal parasite away from my nose cone.

Listen Gman. I am talking to you with Alyx’s head up my ass. Looks like GMan wanted a blowjob from Breen as well as a rim job from Alyx.

So. I didn’t get it.

But Gordon is a pack mule. What’s there to question?

So I guess I didn’t get the HL2 story yet.

Damn right.

judith JUDITH IS THAT YOU wheres my casserole

we call it the MAGNUSSON tea

work of art




we call it the microwaved tea

we dont go to magnificent microwaved eli vancusson anymore that’s where bad things happen

we used to be able to go right up there to magnificent microwaved eli. it was an old microwave device inhabited by GAS METEOROLOGICAL INTELLIGENCES. WORLDS STRETCH THIN WITHIN THE MICROWAVE… INTERSECT.

Makes sense…

We call it the WHO ARE YOU Device.