Them Crooked... Black Bars

Yarr!! :pirate:

Very appealing to the eys, good job. Spy though seems as if hes tring to push his (flat looking) eyes out. he very focused i guess :stuck_out_tongue:

He has spotted a naked lady!

Hello Divided!

Picture looks nice

Hello Gold!
Why thank you :pirate: Yarr!

Awesome lighting.

Hello Joaz!

I’m lonely :ohdear:

Thanks dude!

shush… don’t be lonely… divided is back

I’ll get you for that :black101:

Stab him in the heart.

That’ll teach him!

This thread is now about killing violently.

Sodomize him to death… rawr!

Nice, atmospheric lighting.

Hey nice picture with the lightning and all, hey wait… Who’s that? It’s Di- runs away

I remember you Divided. :buddy:

I don’t :c.
NOW I FEEL LONELY :saddowns:

We can face him if we work together man!

Whos Divided?
Anyways not that bad tough its very blurry.

I like the text

Thanks and hello to you! :slight_smile:

And i remember you! Nice to see you :)!