TheMask's random pics

Here are some random shots i made in about 4 years of using gmod.
Not the best screens and also pretty random but i thought, i could post
them here. They are all pretty basic/simple.
More or less in chronological order. Have fun.
Use them as some kind of inspiration, to make better pics.


Badass android

Through the teeth of a acarnivor


Don’t play with the Necronomicon

Drunk… again


April fool

Terrorists win

Zombies. If you can’t stop them, try to fool them.!.jpg

No more ammo? No problem.

Sniper hit the hand. (first try on PS-editing)

Inspired by the MTV-Show jackass.

UT Source.


Mr. Potter has grown up (more or less)

Female Assassins.


The flying axe.

Need more milk?

Sniper! (Feel free to edit)

Posing test.


Trapped Aliens.

Wanna try?



C&C welcome.

Most of them are good, but some could have done with either better posing or just not done at all (ones with mario in).

yeh like he said some of them look very but other look abit stiff

alot of low res, bad angle and bad anti aliasing pics,
some are nice though

good shit mate

Thanks for your cc.
But i have to disagree. AA is at least turned up to x4. Some with x16.
Stupid Nvidia. I guess AMD’s got the better AA.
And the camere angles are boring and a bit off on some pics.
Making nice screenshots is a learning process and those are
showing my beginnings in Gmod. But always fun to play around.
I’m mo’ into the posing.

I love the elite combine running.

There are a couple of okay ones. You try way too hard with the humour though.

If the Faith picture wouldnt be so blurry it would be an awesome wallpaper for Mirrors Edge Fans