Theme Park RP?

Hello facepunchers!
I was posting at my thread, ( Half Life 2 - The Ride (a map request), when one user recomended this map.

or (only few changes)

Its a garrysmod map on a theme park, complete with rides, security stations, operator booths. My idea is: why don’t make an RP gamemode based on this? There would be the park administrators, security guards, ride operators, people and builders (mappers who could upgrade the map). There could be situations like new rides opening, press events, accidents, and other things happening on the park, which would led to a lot of other cool situations.
This idea stays here, if anyone wants to pick it up. How about editing the DarkRP script? Or something else? This could led to something good.

Yeah I was working on this some time ago, I lost it in a reformat though. Might try it again at some point, though.

Highly Agree.

That looks like a very depressing themepark…

and it is a small map (i have it on hl2dm)

I say we expand it and make it a real mode on a server, with a team the park could be expanded and the mode could really take off, it’d be interesting to stage accidents/events/new ride openings and have a park crew.

You took the words out of my mouth.

That would be awesome, though wouldn’t it get boring after awhile?

Not if it’s getting updated, maybe a mapper or two could get involved with the project and help expand the park.

Then we could do Disneyland and Universal Studios remake… This could open not only RP opportunities, as mapping opportunities. I saw we do it.

If this idea goes official… can a mapper please make an abandoned theme park?
Like you know, to look like it’s been abandoned a long time, and that the contraptions are so worn down that all rides looks barely safe, and all things who were supposed to look funny or cute just looks creepy and scary.

And then we can RP some people trying to re-open the park.
So, let’s vote.
Gamemode from scratch or custom edit of already existing RP script?


Concept for the class idea.

I remember a few years ago a group of people were working on gm_disneyland, it turned out to be like 4 times the current size limit. But that was before they expanded it, so it might work now.

Do you remember a link for that map?

you will also need a cook at the theme park!