Themed Sets (Animals, Cowboys, Ninjas, Pirates etc)

Ninjas and Pirates are some what easier to find
but I’ve had no luck finding Western style ragdolls
and even worse luck finding animals like Zebras or Monkeys. :confused:

Are there any add-on packs with those themes available? I know this place has some stuff that is not posted on

Fistful of Frags is a Western themed source mod. Try the models from there.

I dunno about any zoo animals though.

Fistful of Frags?
Ok I’ll look into that, thank you.

Do you know of something with different Law Enforcement models?
I’m particularly interested in finding something older styled, 50’s Cops or British Constables.

Actually, are there any models from L.A. Noire available? I really like cars from the 40’s

Thank you for your help and responses