Theory On Bigger Gmod Maps

We All Know the Annoying Feeling that Gmod Maps are too Small … But i though of a theory that may Counter This.

Inside Garrys Mod there is a function that controls player scale, (don’t remember the Var)

With this, Would It Be Possibal to make a map that is 1/2 the size of a normal map, then later make the player scale 1/2 the size giving Giving the Illusion That
The map is Huge But you are just shrunk down.

Someone in WAYWO is working on a gamemode that does this I think.

As for mapping, staying on grid may be difficult, but it’s theoretically possible.

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I’d been wanting to try this with vehicles for small-scale, maps without the need for making ratmaps. Would make for a huge amount of area to work in too.


I never got the collision model to work but the idea is that it would behave like a small-scale RC, doing away with the need for player scaling.