Join us on the Purge!!-The all new server that encourages raids and purging.

Server IP: net.connect 108:62:21:234:28065
Mumble Client:
Admins: Brine, Peptobismol [we may add more depending on the amount of players we get]

Our website is under construction but still contains some more info:

This server has been established around the movie the purge. Every weekend we will have a Purge. Pvp will be turned on and mass drops of Explosive Charges will be dropped along with guns and ammunition. Raiding is encouraged along with killing other players. however you want to make sure your base is structurally strong enough to stop raiders. Throughout the week while pvp is off(not decided yet) you and your friends are to build your base and create defensive structures to defend your base during the Purge. The Purge will end at 11:59pm on the day that the Purge takes place. C4 is uncraftable but along with other resources is purchasable on our extensive economy menu. Quests are also integrated to earn you money and supplies. killing zombies and other animals also scores you money along with killing other players for 50% of their money.

This server is brand new so we need a bunch of players to begin our weekly purges, we hope you enjoy the server and if you have any questions visit the website or ask one of our admins in-game
Our server also includes a few mods such as:Oxide, Quests, Eco system, and a base building mod.

We hope to see you soon and happy purging!