"there are 8 reasons in this gun." USMC aims offscreen

just perfecting my style.


C&C would be nice

The “Rimlighting” you edited looks really odd. Also, technically 1911 magaine holds 7 rounds, so unless he loaded one in the chamber, and refilled the mag, It’s 7 reasons :wink:

There’s some random black lumps of shadow on him, too.

I was going for texture on random shadow but that failed I was looking at the normals while doing this.
and this is as close as I get.
yeah I suck at rimlighting.

His camo is oddly shiny… Oh well its nice.

He looks too shiny.

The posing and angle is good, though.

I think you’ve understood already that offscreen aiming is something to be avoided, as the sole idea of a thread, but still, I’ll have to say that’s what this is.

Play cod4 and you’ll see how shiny these guys are.
I think their clothes are made out of some synthetic material I.E. polyester


Most new uniforms have a Teflon coating. They aren’t shiny though, COD4 is hardly a realism simulator in ANY regard, heh. The picture is okay, but over-edited. Less post rim-lighting would help.

Called a combat load, it’s a likely possibility.

Looks pretty good, as people have mentioned the shininess on the d00d is a bit wonky but other than that I don’t really see any flaw in it. Good finger posing, I can never get those bastards to do what I want them to.

these are cod4 models aren’t they?