"There are a lot of secrets in District 10..." - Prawns being chased by a mech

… and a mech being chased by a helicopter.




Mrfantasticool’s edit

C&C please!

good editing as always, but the posing needs work on some places.



That is the most artistic thing I have ever seen on this site.

My computer is high

The editing around the robot is fucking awesome.

Where did you get that mech from?


Good motion blur and shading, I like the colours, the posing on the prawns could use some work but great picture none the less.

Fookin mechs won’t leave those prawns alone!

Wicked pic, I thought the destroyed metal shed was edited, but, still is very nice.

I told you I want this mech! >:]

Very nice, the only problem I see is that the side of the fookin prun closest to the screen is a little too lightened. It looks odd.

Awesome smoke editing though.

Woah, now that is nice! I’m impressed with the posing on the Prawns. When I tried, they were fookin’ impossible to pose. Now, I am curious about the mech. It looks to be in the style of Lost Planet, but I can’t really tell. So…do tell us where it’s from, if you please.

prawn lighting looks good.

Prawns are about feel what it’s like when a bug hits a windshield.


Thanks for the comments guys. The model is from Lost Planet… I’m trying to find the pack on gmod.org but to no avail. It should be in the releases section but with search still down it’s proving difficult to find.

Thank you. Yeah I realised during editing that the posing on the left prawn at least isn’t so good… but the arms on these guys aren’t nice to work with so I’m not too dissatisfied.

Cheers, mate. In my opinion the fact that I made the breaking shed in-game is more impressive than editing it in. Too much emphasis on editing now-a-days… not that I’m doing anything to stop that.

Gracias. Not sure I agree with the point on the lighting though… . I don’t really see it as too bright, although maybe the light direction is a bit messed up on that character. I had to do something to bring these painfully flat textures to life! Haha.

Thank you!

Haha. Made me lol.


Thanks for the comments everyone - keep 'em coming!


I don’t like the emptyness on the ground, just clean sand pretty much. The helicopter blades could be edited a bit.

Those are the only bad things I have spotted. I like the picture though :slight_smile:

Look like you’ve used my idea of rusting the AK too :science:
And I can give anyone that would like the model pack, just PM me or something and I’ll give you a filesmelt link. I figured that just uploading it to filesmelt would be a lot easy-er then finding the correct one on Garrysmod.org

I may never finish my edit by the time this thread dies :frowning:
It’s production will go on through the week.

I want a smoke edit tutorial, cause what ever I make fails hard.