There are way to many complaining nubs

Hi I’m new to rust but in the 4 days I’ve played I’ve noticed a lot of fanboys from call of duty complaining about gun recoil and then they say your a hacker or some shit . To all the people out here who do this you don’t belong in rust because your a cod kid and cod isn’t realistic at ALL .

Ps the reason I’m not one of these type of people is I have experience in this type of games Pvp partly cause I have dayz .

I’m sick of you kids please leave rust if you agree please leave a reply

Honestly mate, you sound exactly like a complain noob yourself.

Complaining about complainers?

Right now you’re exactly one of those “types”.

The irony is strong with this one

First off, you’ve been extremely condescending. Secondly, I personally want as many people to play this game as possible, it’s great!

such irony

Wait… this is a joke right?

This HAS to be a joke.
Nobody is this dumb.

The weapon handling is different & I find it a bit difficult. The recoil to me is insane. That’s the only gripe I have. Not omg, gunz r op nerf dem now ect.

We don’t want Rust to end up like bf3, all the casuals ruined battlefield.

>all the casuals ruined battlefield

when wasnt bf casual?