"There can be Only One!"

I posted this before on the edit my screen shots thread and had decied to post its own thread.
the-dutch-guy edited it and I posed it.




Thanks for editing it the-dutch-guy.

Another Team Failtress picture of this gay Demoman thing. I give you [_]

That was witty. So, so witty.

I wish I was that witty.

Cool box too.

Say what?

Ah that was nothin’ you should have a look at my (+[_ _]::slight_smile:

oh dont be a jerk

stop being obnoxious with all these “I GIVE YOU A [BOX] CAUSE THIS ISNT ABOUT GIRL KILLING” posts

No no no no, it’s;
“I give you [_]”

I like how you rating yourself funny.

You one of them types that talk to a Popsicle called Marry saying its your girl friend or some shit? Because this stuff is above your average shit.

Minor clipping on the sword fingers, and where the arm conects to the chest.
Chest looks a little arsed to the left too.

Besides that its nice.

Sadly when I edited it, I couldn’t do the epic eye.
But I edited out the finger clipping :v:

Edit:Fear you are a dipshit for rating dumb because you don’t like the genre of the picture.

+1[_] for saying I’m rating myself when I’m not.

Meh… I thought I might upload my edit. I don’t know how to do the epic effects on the eyes but I try lol.
Nice posing by the way.


The only thing I like is his eye.
Everything else seems low res and kinda strange.