There goes another planet (First pose)

The background is made out of 7 different images (City, Planet, Explosion, Asteroids, Fog)


the low res cliff is very distracting. otherwise good work

City? More like Space Station.

for a first pose, this is quite good

the background looks a bit lowres… otherwise… pretty good for a first!

This is more of a testament of your editing abilities rather than you posing ability. I mean, as a pose there isn’t much to look at as the character is just standing there with their back to us. Now as for your editing, the pictures lacks the seamless editing that would otherwise make this picture look perfect. You can see the edges look distorted, unnatural, and unappealing. Everything in the foreground and middle region of the picture look like they’ve been outlined. As for the background I think the only problem is that you used a really low quality picture (or you took one that was too small and made it fit the dimensions of the picture).

Anyhow, it’s not a bad idea, just that the picture looks pretty messy; which ultimately distracts from the awesome image that you are trying to depict.

I like it still that you didn’t made the background