"There he goes..." A traveler and his pet watching a hoverbiker go by



Oh look, it’s a pose, about someone elses pose :o
Special thanks to darius_bieleck for obvious reasons.

The auto axe needs isolating you dirty thief.

The dust is crossing over onto it.

Missed it, one second.

You and your interlocking plots. :smug:

Nice work.

Maybe you and Darius should make a comic about those 2 guys :open_mouth:
Nice sand trail effect there.

Looks nice.

Why thank you :buddy:

Reminds me of this comic called “Post-Nuke”.

Pretty cool pictures that you have there, Hunter.

Not bad but it’s… lacking something. I don’t know what. Looks too empty and in-game I think.

I thought the same thing…I’ll work on it

Good Job


Here, have some thread music:

Looks like a reskin of kari’s skin.

But its a pretty nice picture


Firefly was a good show. The pilot was sexeh :smiley: Shame it went off the air. :\

Good pic, though I wish you did something more with the further back dunes and the sky. They seem somewhat out of place to me. Regardless, have a palette :3:

awsome, i like the goggles and mask.