"There is a Chernobyl NPP in the center of The Zone."



thanks for Chesty. XD

hahaha thats awesome fucking love it! can i get a 1440x900 one :wink:

Fucking awesome

No shit at thread title.

Nice work. Arty for you.

Fookin neo-Nazis.

Damn nice picture. A dull idea that has been exhausted over the past week, but this is one of the better ones by far.

Whoaaaaaaaaaaa very nice. I like it very very much.

Looks awesome man, great job.

I’d lol hard if you posted it like that :v:

“…a Chernobyl NPP…”

What, there’s more than one plant? I heard there’s four reactors, but more than one NPP?

Nice editing.

This is my new desktop.

why is he using a neo-nazi symbol?

This one and PMnky’s staker pic have been the best of this horrible breed of chernobyl pics.

Have an artistic.

What does “this” refer to? I’ve never thought about it.

It is a Neo nazi symbol, but me and Ddok thought up a new faction and we call them Zone Elite…

Where can I get that model?

Damn that looks fucking awesome!