There is a first time for everything.


great video plz make more


Thank you.



This truly is a piece ahead of its time. It exemplifies the most human fears, such as that of death, pain and suffering, while at the same time showing all the joys of childbirth and man’s use of tools to advance the human race. It makes me laugh, it makes me cry, and every time I watch it I see something new, another aspect. This will surely usher in a new age of artistic vision in the Garry’s Mod machinima world, covering introspective, comedic, depressing, exciting, or even politically controversial topics.

I’m looking for the man that killed my father.
This is the movie adaptation of my life.

I thought that the guy was going to eat the baby.

I <3 you :smiley:

Judging by his mouth movements, “yeah” is a 4 syllable word…

This film is so cryptic. It will take me quite a while to decipher its true meaning.

Wait, is this a resurrected thread?

My perception of reality has just been flipped upside down.