There is a problem with my materials.

This is a really spontaneous and fucking annoying problem that I can’t seem to escape. I’ve redownloaded everything that does it multiple times, deleted my directory, twice, and even reinstalled Gmod itself, but it won’t stop.

The problem is simple enough; all of my props and ragdolls will spawn, only the textures will be missing. No cubemaps, just an off-white color. And they all still work; No other problems with it.

Has anybody had this problem? Or, at least, has an explanation for it? It’s really irritating.

Edit: Here’s the problem;

Notice how it’s about half-half; they’re both from the same pack and half the models still work.

Also, I understand the MW2 pack might have been a bad example; however, that’s all I had.

try mat_fullbright 0 in console

Aye, a screenshot would be much appreciated :)…
Does sound like a funky grapichs card problem though, having texture issues anywhere beside the props in Gmod?

The HL2: EP2 engine is really fucking with my lightmaps. As in, most of the map will be fine, but certain things like a door or a crate will be really bright.

Any way to take those off? I tried deleting that, TF2, and Portal, but they keep reinstalling themselves when I run gmod again.

Does it look like this?

If so, enable the developer console (under advanced in keyboard options) press ` or ~ depending on what keyboard you have, and type mat_fullbright 0 in the console.

I’m pretty sure that will fix it. Thanks.

And if it doesn’t, I’m on Gmod anyway, I’ll add a screenshot to the OP.

Ok, good idea.

EDIT: FP added <br> to end of my message

Okay, update. Turns out, mat_fullbright_0 was already on. I’ll get the screenshot up.

Does this happen for normal models? Like things in the general construction props category?

Not sure. I had JUST deleted my last directory, and never thought to check.

But, yes, it used to.

Edit: Here’s my other problem;

I’m sure this one is a little more common. Any ideas on how to fix it?