There is a way to have a nude model and have it done tastefully.

Every forum I go to where someone even mentions a nude model, I see everyone flame that person. I don’t exactly see why this is a big deal. Granted, the details that went into the nude Alyx were a bit extreme. But, there have many tastefully done sexy scenes in video games that included a nude pixelated female.

In fact, some were sexy without the nudity. Take Medal Gear: Solid, when Snake finds that red headed girl disguised as a guard (Can’t remember her name) and he goes into the bathroom after her. That was a tastefully done scene, yet it was sexy at the same time.

Indigo Proffecy (My current favorite game) had a shower scene, and I thought that was tastefully done as well.

I’m not saying that getting your rocks off on pixelated females is a good thing, and I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing either, that’s everyone’s own personal tastes.

I’m just saying, that it if someone made a nude Alyx Model without all the pink parts, it could still be used as an exceptional model for a lot of scenes that aren’t sex related.

Take the Lara Croft movie, Angela Jolie did several sexy scenes in those movies and never got naked once. But, the scenes were still good for that part of the movie. (Personally I thought the movies sucked, but that my opinion)

But, being as I haven’t exactly established myself on these forums, I won’t argue anyone’s views with them. Because I’m sure you all have seen some pretty gross stuff that’s been done with the nude models. And things like that will happen. But, just because someone asks for it, doesn’t mean they’re perverted. That’s just my thoughts.

PS: I hope it’s okay that I posted this in this particular forum, it just seemed like the right place for it. Does anyone disagree? I’d like to hear your opinions as long as it’s a civilized conversation.

Why is this doing here?If I’m not wrong,this should go in general

I’m sorry, I thought since it concerned a model it belonged here. Maybe a moderator can move it for me.

95% true, you’re right man, but as you said, there are tastes for everyone, (so no one can read this as an insult)…

In my opinion, I think too there are a lot of sexy scenes those don’t need naked bodies… By the way, people called me ‘gay’ because I had that opinion… I can’t understand why… '-_-

I definatly agree. Like you said, maybe you need a shower scene, but because your using a model that contains nudity doesn’t make you a perverted person.

Remember the shower scene in Max Payne 2? It was nice too.

Fahrenheit, the European version of Indigo Prophesy had a sex scene.

Yes ulfurg I was just going to say that.It’s very tasteful,but taken out of the American version due to the Hot Coffee scandal et all

How can you make a tastefully made nude model?
It is what it is, a nude model, a character from a game without any clothes.
The problem isn’t what the model looks like, or how it is done, the problem is what people are doing with it.

The reason people here at Facepunch get annoyed easily when someone requests a nude model, is that most of us are sick of seeing people posting screenshots of a nude Alyx having sex with Dr. Kliner, the G-man, a Headcrab, Barney, etc…
When the “nude mod” first came out, and someone got the models into GMod, a lot of people went crazy, posting sex poses of Alyx in all kinds of situations in the screenshots section.
Imagine how many sick screenshot posts that would appear if people all the sudden go hold of a whole arsenal of nude models.

I’m sure that in some cases, the thread starter’s intentions aren’t to make sex poses, however, if a model is released, it’s open to the public for everyone to download.
So there are always plenty of others who are willing to make these kinds of poses and posting their screenshots of it on public forums.

I hope that clears up some of your questions regarding the flaming of people requesting nude models.

I agree with what grudge said.

Someone pay me $100 and i’ll make a nude Kleiner.

Oh my god…

I’m willing to pay you 100$ for NOT making a nude Kleiner :smiley:

Actually, I’m not…

Ah, but can you ragdoll yet? :wink:

No, but I know some people who may be willing to…

and for those of you who can’t determine sarcasm… YES I am serious.

A ‘specially ragdolled’ Kleiner. Yuck.

Eww… Kleiner…

Well would you prefer gman? or even breen… ?

How bout’ Barney or Gordon? lol…Or…Chuck Norris!

How about stop being silly, I’m sure Garry would approve of it…:v:

Sounds good. /Shuts up