There is no need for wipe!... fools

Right before the patch everything was fine and you could build. After the patch building was all weird and things disappeared. All servers didn’t magically reach the entity limit while the patch. They need to fix the bug not wipe. The game is suppose run fine for about 3 months with no wipe. Stop with the stupid wipe comments.

While I don’t really know what you’re talking about, I have noticed the constant calls for a ‘wipe’ in London I which was already wiped a week ago… So I am confused. I don’t really want to repeat the same process every week. People say this game is based on PvP. Well ok, let me get to that point then XD … I can’t pull C4 and guns out of my arse. I need somewhere “safe” to create them. Each time I get to the point where I can start to maybe think about PvP there is a wipe lol. I know there is one due on the 1st April too.

idiots think that the reason you cant build and certain things like chests and other parts of bases disappeared because servers reached the max entities. It can’t be true because I was playing right before the patch and none of these bugs were there. Then after the patch all servers had same issues. Those who wiped their servers those bugs were fixed. But it doesn’t mean its the entity limit issue. It cant be. They need to try to hot fix this and wipe as last resort.

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we cant add things like decay to the game just cause poor people with shit computers or people who cant get into walled of rad towns or bases on rocks rage. ( I don’t even have a base on rocks). people need to chill

No populated server can survive for 3 months with people constantly playing on it, most of them get filled up rather quickly and let’s not exaggerate you really don’t need a week to get guns even as a solo player, just get some sleeping bags and run around collecting barrels then go to rad towns place the bed out of the radiation area, get the guns from inside or w/e you find, die next to your bed, collect the items. In a few hours you can pull enough guns out of your arse.

Tell that to my framerate.

who the fuck cares is it your server

people seem to have the impression it is the entity limit causing issues at the moment. it would be very hard to reach the limit in terms of game engine limits, but for server lag it could be possible…i don’t know. by that logic, it makes sense to wipe.

the aim long term is to be able to have servers run for months without needing a wipe. they aren’t there yet, but once things like decay are introduced again and as the game gets optimized it will become possible. in the mean time, wipes happen, either to clear the map of everything, hoping to also clear whatever is bugging it out when they aren’t sure, or when protocol stuff has been changed.

having just noticed all the vehement disagrees you have put on the decay thread, i’d like to point out that with no wipes and no decay, the world will get cluttered with junk buildings and eventually break. what’s your solution?

Wish they would give us a bit of notice on wipes though. Like a day or something. So we can have fun and blow out all our resources etc. Or just not spend the week building for nothing Xd