"There is nothing left here" Soldier wandering throw a destroyed City(Artistic Test)


Original picture by Novangel here:


I needed to do something new, original and artistic, this was my attempt…
I hope you guys like it.


I really really like it. Good work.

This is actually pretty cool. Have an artistic

Amazing. I’m going to rape whoever gave you boxes.

That is really artistic and great!

Well… Its interesting… I can see the artistic here… Yet it feels… Weird… Since I’m just about fascinated with this I’m giving you a palette… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the current comments and ratings guys :slight_smile: I glad you liked it.
And for the dumb/disagree raters, mind telling me whats wrong with the picture?

Keep comenting mates, I’m going to sleep now ^^

Looks very nice, awesome edit.

Thanks mate :slight_smile:
To the top of the page!

i whould pay alot for a poster like that. have an artistic

Where are those models from? :slight_smile: Awesome work btw

Edit: Newermind if found them :smiley:

Aww sorry, I was distracted seen other threads :X But thanks for the comment mate :slight_smile:


FUCK, it was THROUGH not throw…
I deserve the bad spellings :frowning:

My last bump before leaving the thread to oblivion :stuck_out_tongue:
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