There is ONE good thing in Official servers...

they keep lots of the hackers away from Community servers…

what ?


its true lol

if it would all have 24/7 admins or would shut down our beloved community servers would be swarmed by hackers everytime the Admin is off…

And without the official servers garry cOuld never get so much data about the hackers.
Also he turned vac on german servers off to collect more data with facepunch (i guess)

They need a lot of hckers in the early stage so (maybe) later the game is save (or more save).

ofiicial servers r full of hackers and developers, also garry gets more money after a new ban wave xD
I dont care about hackers, they r everywhere but on official the dont need to hide :wink:

My neighbours on official r hack developers and im still save sooo … u need to hide good; the esp goes around 500 meters.(checked the internet to know your enemy :smiley: )

Sry 4 bad english


hackers tortured