There isn't enough to do in the game

I know it’s early alpha, and the game looks good with a huge amount of potential. But as it is, the game gets boring very quickly because there is not enough things to go.

Don’t get me wrong here, I am not criticizing the developers at all. I know they have their hands full with this. Being a software engineer myself, I completely get it. And I am doing all I can to support the game. I bought copies for friends just to get them playing and also am hosting my own server now and trying to get more people to play.

When you start out it’s interesting because you have nothing. I like that. But after you’ve put 50 hours or so into the game, it’s starts to get very boring because you have done everything there is to do in game, kill pigs, bears, wolves, craft better armor, loot the few towns and get weapons, chop wood piles and rocks and build a fortress. What now? Raid your neighbors? Ok, and then? Then you’re bored.

Just some suggestions for the game here.

The map is huge and basically seems to be 99% empty. There are only a few towns to raid now and going anywhere else on the map outside of the road area is useless. There needs to be more stuff to find and loot spread over the entire map. How about underground caves and lairs to explore? These could be filled with lots of dangers, such as NPC bandit gangs and other enemies.

Crafting gets boring way too fast at this point, also. We should be able to build with stone for one thing. Also, how about a way to craft oil lamps or something to light up your buildings? It gets sort of boring sitting around in the dark with only a campfire or furnace for light.

Well, that’s the end of my ramblings for now. I think the most important thing right now, IMO, is to start filling the map up with hidden loots to plunder, and enhance the crafting to build with stone, etc. Also, catapults would be interesting as a way to attack other players fortresses.

Just throwing out some ideas here.

I agree with that, I know they are working hard to make changes, a lot of changes but It’s an alpha. Yes I get bored too, I guess we need to be patient.

What’s the pop on your sever? On the high pop server it’s much harder but it’s usually not boring.

This has to be a server thing. There are enough people on Official servers, that every time you venture forth it’s an adventure. The risk of being killed is constant.

As of now, there are never more than 3-4 people. I know that’s adding to the boredom, but despite my efforts, there are just too many servers out there for the amount of players willing to invest in Alpha software. Or at least it seems that way to me. I’ve already gifted the game 3 times and paying the server hosting fee, I just don’t have time to do more. I have another person willing to help me with the admin stuff, so I’ll be talking to him later on today. Since he’s a long time MMO player and knows lots of other online gamers, that’s probably my one hope right now to maybe get this server going with some more players.

Have people forgotten what alpha means?

I thought it’d be pretty damn obvious there wouldn’t be much to do.

Agree; it shouldn’t only be about stepping on others’ heads to survive.
The Stalker games could be an interesting inspiration for a mix of story and exploration.

But you answered your own post right there ^. Everything that came after was correct, there isn’t a whole lot to do yet. But that’s simply because it’s no where near done. No real point in creating a thread to state the fact that it’s not finished.

Lots of topics like this come and go because most players love so much the game that they want more, and they want it now. It is pretty comprehensible and there is no need, in my opinion, to other players to come here and make fun of the thread starter.

Yes, there’s not much to do in game after you build a base and learn to craft all the valuable guns. Yes, this is because it is alpha. We all know that, but what’s the problem on people coming here to express their feelings over this? Especially when they are polite, as the thread starter was?

I agree that the stuff to do in Rust is way too concentrated near roads. I think if they added one or two types of resources which would exist only in certain areas far away from the road, the game would be more dynamic, because players would have to travel from their bases close to the road towards these locations. Something like sand which would exist only near the sea? Some kind of ore which would exist only beyond hacker valley to the east and beyond Sweden to the north? I’m just giving examples. You get my point.

Sorry, this was an accidental double post.

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You missed the point of my thread. I clearly stated that my intent was not to rant about where the game is at this time, but to suggest some new content that might add to the game. Yes, I did go into the ‘I’m bored’ territory, but it was in no way derogatory.

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Thank you. I have noticed that seems to be a favorite activity around here for some people, just to wait for a thread so they can jump into it and tell everyone why the person was stupid for posting, and now useless the post is.

I feel that as a person who is supporting the game through dollars and time, I have some right to post my thoughts about the current state of the game and what I think might be some improvements down the road.

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I agree that would be great, and maybe something the developers could do more quickly to add to the game. And it would of course be dangerous out there trying to find hidden caches of stuff because other people would be going after them too. You’d be away from your fortress for these runs, probably overnight and would have to survive in probably nothing more than a temporary shack.