There it is, R.I.P all bases.

So Garry just posted this on RustUpdates twitter…

rip never forget

How very dramatic, Bambusbo. This will surely ruin the entire game, destroy several small cities and destabilize the global economy!

Can place ladder even if no building permission - @garrynewman (/main)

Made ladder placement more tolerant of uneven surfaces ( like rocks ) - @garrynewman (/main)

This is going to make the game so unbalanced it’s not even slightly funny, tbh I think this is a step in the wrong direction :wink:

Uh, not it’s not… this stops the game from being unbalanced. Did you even play legacy? Learn to play without elevator bases and rock bases. Setup your base tactically. Use your resources.

The fact that some people are upset with this change fucking BLOWS my mind.

PS: Thank you lord Garry.

If “permit-free ladders” lead to the death of base-building, I’m willing to bet Facepunch will make changes. Worst-case scenario: Rust goes batshit crazy for a week or two, then it gets fixed.


Surround your base with spikes so they can’t place ladders? What’s the deal here?

If this turns out to suck, it will get fixed.

How could it suck though

Well, this should shut the whiners up about the mythical “unraidable bases”. But worry not, they’ll find something else that’s “too hard” to cry about.

Well, there goes any challenge in raiding bases now. Pretty much every base on my server now belongs to me with no strategy required to raid them.

Can I ladder into a tree? That is what I will do. Then kill fools. Giggling in voip.

My guess is the height ladders can reach will be limited, probably can get to the top of a two story building and most rocks, probably can’t get to the top of a four story building. If that’s the case, all bases will magically be built to at least four stories. More speculation: raiding with ladders will consist of rocketing a ladder-accessible wall, then using the ladder to climb into the base. Now, if you can climb up a ladder and place c4 while on the ladder, it’s gonna be rough. I guess we’ll have to see how this plays out starting Thursday.

Best News ever!!! Fuck you elevator Base. You are dead now :slight_smile:

Just build bases on pillars that have no walls on the first floor.

Let the building overhang in the 2. floor. :slight_smile:
There are many options to counter ladders.

I don’t need no steenkin’ ladders!!![/T]


Plenty of ways round that one.

Anybody tried yet if you can place a wall against a pillar? If you can … there goes that strategy.

How about placing a ladder on the second floor and maybe jumping onto it. Any object near your base suddenly becomes a great way to jump a ladder.

Ladders can be placed on rocks? Say hello to ladders placed in such a way they can act as jump ramps!

Rock bases ( they where already climb able for people who knew what they where doing ). They are now climbable for anybody.

Rocked … C4 … hatchet … there goes your counter defense. Also … sticking out floors make it more easy for anybody to jump from a twig tower and get to a higher floor. There is a reason why people mostly build fixed style.

All this does makes people spend even MORE resources building more layers and layers of floors, spikes and other defenses to protect.

Some times people really do not know how much time it takes for basic defenses. Maybe next time run around a few busy servers and see how many empty shells of building are left. All raided down. People do not quit without a reason, people quit because they got tired to be raided 1, 2, 3, 4 … times in a row.

Its a great game if your a in a big group and after a wipe instantly start building, raiding and building up your C4/rockets. Its not so for new players, single or small groups.

The game has really become: Join a BIG clan or just be a raid target.

The developers are really like: We give you one defense ability ( what cost a sh*tload because you need to fill a lot of area around your base ). But we increase the costs for the good stuff to insanity ( armored ), make the construction times for that defense ability nice and long ( barricades… metal ) and then we keep adding more and more to attack you with ( rockets, more rockets, more rockets coming ), ladders, removed the few “exploits” that people used to try and make there bases raid proof ( or extreme difficult ) …

The best way to see how balanced the game is: See how many empty shells you have around the populate servers that have been raided. Now add even MORE because of ladders ( what will make any small or medium bases even more easy to raid ).

And yes, there are ways to maybe delay ladder usage but frankly … is there really any creativity left? People are getting forced more and more to build one specific style to try and offset the offense. But all they do is at best delay a attack. Because of the massive increase in building materials needed as your base expands in the side or up…

The main problem is not the balance of raiding and building. The main problem is the gap between big groups and small groups. A team of 3 players can build the best house, but the team with 10 guys can destroy this house very easy in under 2h. Limited Ressources like in legacy would solve this gap. :slight_smile: