There needs to be an option to spawn in on your friends.

Hi, I don’t frequent this section of the forums often so I apologize if this gets mentioned a lot. (or if its already been implemented and I don’t know about it)

My friend and I tried to play for the first time in a while and did not have fun at all. We hadn’t played since random generation was added, so we tried using the sun and moon to navigate towards each other. As it happens, we wound up walking in circles for an hour or two until we got bored and quit.

I know this is a feature that could be horribly abused, but if the final version of the game doesn’t offer the ability to spawn in on your friends, I’m not going to play it.

Maybe a dialogue box pops up saying something like ‘Allow -username- to spawn near you?’ and you could choose yes or no. It might take you out of the game a bit, but it’d surely be better than not having such a system.


Try a mod server, “most” use a teleport system that will allow you and your friend to meet up instantaneously

Thanks for pointing this out. I still think the stock game needs a similar feature, but until then this seems like a decent fix.

Honestly once you get used to how the map layout works, finding your friends is easy. Just remember snow is in the north, forest is in the middle, desert is in the south.

teleport is great for glitching into bases.

So you want a feature that you know will be abused (or “Horribly abused” as you said) to be implemented so that the game would be easier.

I do not support this feature on the base line. Like another poster mentioned, maybe a modded server might have that feature for those who want that feature, but your right… this feature will get abused. Not only does teleporting create the ability to glitch into houses (I’ve done this accidently in legacy RUST), but you have a band of trolls get together within seconds and run around griefing people. It is not realistic… and part of the fun of this game is running into people and trying to make friends with them, only to find out that they are not nice and will stab you in the back first chance… but the best reward is finding that 1 in 50 that doesn’t screw you and you two build and scavenge together.

Hopefully this feature is never added. This makes those first few hours crucial. Finding your partners, finding the material to make a sleeping bag, staying alive, and finding a place to put your bag without someone destroying it.

After you meet up once and have your sleeping bags down, your friends do teleport to you every time they die. With teleporting to friends, sleeping bags become meaningless, because that is the 'teleport" system. And yes, you have to work when the game first starts to make sure you and your camp are all set up.

Much better to navigate the landscape and identify features to traverse the world in order to find your friend. Its what adds the adventure to Rust.

The oxide version has had some updates today which will hopefully fix this when servers update their plugins.

Leave it to server mods, TP is horrible anyways and will never be added to the stock version.

I love playing experimental, on a new map, with friends. It’s all about landmarks and hills and lakes. It never takes more than 20 minutes to find everyone.

Some people like the challange, some don’t. I would never have TP for players on my server, spoils the fun.

one option would be to allow players to select the binome they want to respawn in (desert, forest,snow). Anyway, they will end up kill and respawn until they spawn at the right place.

Not to be cliche, but this is a survival game; survive. If you or your friends are unable to use a compass (which is what the sun and moons are, essentially), employ logical search patterns or give reasonably descriptive directions… do what other groups do: berate each other until everyone learns the basics.

Then again, what do I know? The last two times I said “don’t be silly, this is Rust”… they added a 3PV option to peek around walls like a typical shooter clone, and are adding an out of game global marketplace with whatever word is trendy this week to avoid saying “microtransactions”. So… hold your breath and hope for the best.

Navigating is not hard and if you needed an hour to find each other maybe this isnt the game for you. If you can chat with each other and describe your location its easy to find others. Just takes some critical thinking skills!

Nope, learn the map, use the sun and stars to navigate, seems like you tried, try harder.

Actually, I would disagree, for noobs navigating can be extremely hard. Once you’ve been playing for 200+ hours it becomes second nature to memorize your surroundings and landmorks, and to start to know what to look for. But when I first started out, I would frequently build a base, venture out for resources, and then find myself completely lost, unable to find my way back to my base again. I think you are forgetting how hard it was as a nekid noob.

Spawning on friend will be a game braking feature… I played some mod server on legacy with teleport, imagine engaging someone one on one for a good fight and suddenly all of his friend spawn on him… your screw…

As said earlier, learn to navigate. If a hearthstone for friends is added it will only be exploited.

Please no! I agree with everyone here that teleport shouldn’t be in vanilla. I played a modded server some weeks ago and it was terrible.

Guys breaking up your ceiling (which is okay) and do a /tp set home immediately when they get in. Results in unlimited respawns in your base after killing them over and over again. That’s the gayest shit I’ve ever seen.

The entire point of the game is to be difficult though, what would be the point in making it easier? Just let the new players struggle for a week. If the players can’t figure out how to navigate based on the sun and landmarks (which are admittedly lacking atm) then they weren’t really cut out for an unforgiving game like rust, were they?