"There patrol goes.. Don't try to knock him down." - Two snipers in forest.

C&C please.

Never, EVER let Imageshack come in contact with PNGs, loads slow as shite. If you must save as PNG (which I see no reason why you should), at least something faster like uppix.net

okay… I’ll try another one now

Yoda’s hiding in the bush.

Do you imagine Yoda with a Ghillie ?!

No, but the title makes me think he’s in there somewhere.

Ahhh to many random detail sprites!

well can’t you see something

Yeah, I see two guys in ghillies and some weird overlay on the left side of the pic.

Nice eyes that you have.
now find out whats on the middle of the screenshot.

Love this pic, good job OP.

I can see a guy with better camo than those Ghillie dudes have. What do I mean eh? Well, it’s harder to see him than to see the snipers.