There was an old mod that allowed for damaged models

I vaguely remember way back in Gmod 9, there was some mod that had damage models and stuff, like if you dropped a barrel, it dented or something. It was very limited, but it was still pretty cool.

Am I imagining things or was this actually a real mod? If it is/was real, why is there not a new version for the current gmod?

Probably a prop version of disemberment, but I don’t think such a version has been made.

That kind of thing isn’t even possible in Gmod 9 or indeed GMod, so I don’t know where you got the impression it was made and released.

Ever heard of on the fly model changing

As in just changing the model with ent:SetModel while running the game? Or something more interesting?

Don’t know lua, however, I specifically remember like the blue barrel could become “dented.”
I think there was only a single model change, or maybe two changes.

Because there is a model of a dented blue barrel.
Go to the browse tab ingame and look for “props_borealis”

You’ll find it there.

kinda like how some props in CS:S gib I assume.