"There was definetly a sniper here."

Alternate title: Hide and go seek champion 1944.


The light makes it look a bit too dramatic, but at first i thought i saw a unhappy face on the snipers rifle butt and i laughed for a good minute or so then i realized there is no smily face and got sad.

I laughed at the smile because I saw it too.

I can’t stop laughing.

i’ve actually done this many times in red orchestra. i think my favourite was when a russian rifleman saw me and i sprinted flat out to try get away, found i was in a dead-end bathroom, and jumped in the tub. he knew where i was, but he figured i’d be standing in a corner or something. NOPE.

surprise motherfucker jumps out of tub and delivers immaculately-executed hipshot to face with k98