There Was Hope - A brutal survival experience

The story begins soon. How will you die?

Every day is a struggle. Every day has been a struggle since they carelessly launched OCK2K23. The blast was nowhere near us, but nobody was prepared for the fallout in the wars that followed.

The smaller countries went first. No survivors. We got lucky – really lucky. Right place at the right time, I guess… given that it was the worst case scenario. Listen, I won’t sugar coat it. The water is toxic. The ground is toxic. Hell, the air we’re breathing right now is toxic. There’s no growing vegetables here and drinking the water is a death wish.

People are starving. They’re scared – all of us are scared. We’re cornered. Every night gets more likely to be your last. Just keep your head down, your eyes up, and unless you have no choice, don’t make anyone else’s life harder than it needs to be. The last thing anyone needs is fighting with other people. And if you’re stuck outside at night, well… just try to survive until sunrise. That’s what we’re all doing anyways… we just want to make it to tomorrow.


There Was Hope is a finished gamemode in Garry’s Mod that never saw the light of day due to engine limitations. It will make its way to S&box where it can stretch its legs in the scale it was intended to fill.

You’ll be challenged to survive in an extremely harsh post-apocalyptic environment where civilization has been wiped out. Resources will be scarce with hunger, thirst and sickness aplenty. In a world where survival is almost impossible, only the fittest can survive, barely.

You will be put at an immediate disadvantage upon entering the game. Naked and alone, you’ll feel hopeless in an environment that is not kind to those who lack the drive to keep their story alive.

Core Markers

There are several components to maintaining a good state of health. Some feed on one another, causing a cascade of misfortune when you make a mistake.

image Warmth

  • Be sure to stay bundled up and dry. Build a fire for good measure. The colder you get, the slower you get. Once you start getting drowsy, it’s too late. You’ve given yourself hypothermia with a nasty side of cyanosis.

image Psyche

  • Rest is important. The worst thing you can do is brave the uncertain for too long. Head home before exhaustion sets in, because if you pass out in the open, exposure will be the least of your worries.

image Thirst and Hunger

  • It goes without saying. On an empty stomach you’ll tire out quicker. Go too long and you’ll starve. Keep a fresh water on you, because the alternative is in a radioactive lake.

image Stamina

  • Don’t rush for no good reason. You’ll never know when you may actually need to run. Wear yourself out too soon and the ungodly creatures that now prey on us may just find their dinner.

image Ailments

  • When your blood’s too thin to clot thanks to your severe malnutrition, you’ll want to make sure to keep some bandages handy. The longer you bleed, the worse your risk of infection is. First comes the rashing, then the feverish, swelling pockets of pus. Once sepsis hits, there’s no coming back.

  • Don’t take too many hits, and be careful with long falls. A good fracture will set you on a course for demise. Supplies to make splints are in short supply.

  • When you find a bottle of antibiotics in the backpack of some less fortunate traveler, don’t pass them by. Drinking or washing off with water that’s teeming with microscopic life will almost certainly land you a heavy case of cholera.

  • Most importantly, stay out of hot zones. Without the proper equipment, radiation will quickly start damaging every cell in your body.

E.A.S.I. Stats

When telling your story, you’ll be able to choose which of these areas you excel in. On the other hand, that means you’ll be less than suited everywhere else.

  • Your endurance will affect how fast your energy and psyche deplete. This means that you’ll exhaust yourself faster or slower depending on your selection.
  • Agility determines the speed at which you sprint as well as special maneuvers you’re able to make. Make sure to invest in endurance as well if you want to be a marathon runner!
  • Being stronger plays a role in the amount of weight you can carry and the effectiveness of hand-held weapons. Are the other attributes worth sacrificing your encumbrance?
  • Crafting speed and congition is determined by your intelligence. Smart players spend less time at the crafting bench and more time aware of their surroundings.


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that one person can only carry so much at a time. Backpacks help. But sooner or later things start to become heavy. Travel lightly because leg and back injuries are not in your best interest.


Make sure your base is properly secured all the way around, because it sticks around even while you’re offline. All of your loot is finders-keepers if some raiders manage to break their way in. To make matters worse, radiation will slowly tear away at your base as well. You’ll want to fortify often, and fortify well.

Items and Crafting

With hundreds of items to aid in your adventure, taking notes is sure to prove useful. Learn the techniques and recipes to craft hundreds of items to help you survive. From as simple as a stone axe or starting a fire, to as complex as remotely operated robots to aid in looting hotspots, there are plenty of ways to give yourself an upper hand against the elements.


When adventuring, you’re likely to come across many different items left behind by those who have long since passed. Most of it is junk, at least to those who don’t know how to salvage it for their advantage. Every once in a while though, you may come across some real gems to make your life easier.


It’s best avoided. Once you’re injured it’s a long way back to shelter. That isn’t to say it won’t come to that, though. Many travelers operate with nefarious purpose. But, your real challenge lies in the hideous, mutated creatures that roam the wasteland. If you want to find the rarest relics of an era long past, you’re guaranteed to have to do some fighting. Only a madman would face them up close and personal. Don’t be that madman.


These are clips from the gamemode within Garry’s Mod to serve as proof-of-concept.

I’ll gather more of this, but I didn’t write this post on a computer with access to the game :cry:

Character Creation


"Useless" Loot

Inventory and Item Interactions

Crafting UI


This is a beautiful gamemode and King put a lot of effort into it!

I love these type of games and it looks really good, and I am glad you’ll be bringing it over to s&box!!


I thought originally that he didn’t like this gamemode after he took his server down, so I decided to try to recreate and steal the inventory many times over. It was indeed a very hard gamemode, you run slower than antlions which will chase you a certain distance and attack you causing the bleeding effect which hurt you overtime. You could get sick many ways and just degrade to death. I also remember he made like some “point” system which made it so that certain items spawn in certain places after a certain time. One of the most advanced things I have ever seen ngl. Ok, I need to stop fanboying now.

Also the bows were cool.


Really excited to see this ! It sort of reminds me of Fallout but in Source. Hope you get a chance to port it over to S&Box! I love survival games like this but I wonder how it will work in multiplayer

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It worked well, It was very fun when there was other people one time the server got a mass amount of players one day no one really killed each other tho. I wish they did.

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It worked really well. I expected a lot more human raiding but as it turned out people really banded together against the PvE aspect for the most part instead. There’s no concept of ownership in the basing system so it really drove home the idea of people just pitching together to build small settlements for everybody as a unit. And as the plot dictates, combat is dangerous enough that you really have to think about whether you want to go down the route of hostility or not

You should of seen the first player built home it said “Fuck.” across the top. I would go more into detail about mechanics but you should just try it when it comes out.

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This looks amazing