"There was no other way, so I geared up and gave then the fight they wanted"


Tropical Max ftw

-Posing by me
-Editing by ZattiW

C&C, I’m thinking of starting to actually learn2gimp, so i feel more motivated to post my work… what do you guys think?

the pose itself is kinda mediocre imo but that’s some nice editing

the lighting is flat and the pose is stiff and uninteresting. that muzzleflash doesn’t look like it belongs on the shooty end of a pistol of any kind and the smoke from the AK’s barrel is too opaque

He must have been firing for a long-ass time for the AK to still be smoking that much after he’s gotten it all the way down there.

Dripping with genericism.

The pose overall is kinda awkward, same with the muzzleflash position.

Ooh gosh, sorry about that rimlighting.

What I was going to say has already been said by everyone else. Pose is okay, editing is eh. Better than other poses I’ve seen though. And I do like the colors.

I’m just wondering how that mag pouch is attached to him, unless he sewed it on…

Not only is Max a raging alcoholic, he’s quite adept with a sewing needle.

Max doesn’t aim his gun, he sprays around the room until everyone’s dead.