There's a forced wipe on Thursday, the 30th of July.

Hi everyone,

just in case you didn’t know it still weren’t sure.

Here’s the source:

I’m looking forward to this because from Friday on I’m having my holiday from work so I can rush right into this. :slight_smile:

I hope the decrease of refineries help there being less objects placed all over.

Nice to know. I thought the wipe is going to be on august 6th.

The wipe is aug 6th

Wrecked by garry.

Hmm interesting.
Maybe I understood the tweet of yours that says “we’re wiping at the end of the month” wrong. oO

August 6th would be beginning of Month? Yes? I think I’m now confused. :mindblown:

First Thursday (update day) of the month is the wipe. Has been that way for several months now. I’m always amazed that people who’ve been playing for a few months still have to ask this question.

So does that mean no new sphere monument this update then?

I know it’s normally the first Thursday of every month, but to every rule there’s exceptions… And since Garry said that on twitter (see my starting post) I thought it’d be one of them. Excuse me very much for thinking Garry was being serious.