"There's a Jedi, get him!" Two stormtroopers encounter a Jedi


I’ve been playing The Force Unleashed a lot. Decided to try my best at creating and editing a shot with a Jedi in it.

C&C please, I took a lot of time to edit this. I know it’s far from perfect, probably even from good but it’s the effort that counts right?

Hm, the sparks from the tooper’s chest looks weird. I like the “throw” effect though.

very cool.

Nice, very nice.

the lightsaber looks a bit too big

it’s ‘‘lightsaber’’. I like the throw effect and I don’t kinda like that E-11 behind ‘‘the jedi’’.

It’s cool pic…

Star Wars:Assassins of the old creed

the sword on the back looks out of place(but i guess its attached to the rag doll) and the sparks from the swords

more like
Star Wars: Revenge of the Assassins

Jedi with a blaster and a sword?

Quite common in most Star Wars games.

Also, where did you get that hilt?