"There's a slight flaw in your plan..."

I know the posing is a tiiiiiny bit off, but I a really sleepy ._.


C&C, please, on anything besides the posing, I already know that.

i a really sleepy too



you guys are making me a really sleepy too ._.

is the guy having sex with the floor?

This is now the official sleeping pose thread, post all sleep poses for sleeptation…



That reminds me… I need to turn off the computer…

Oh and, I don’t get the pic, posing isn’t that bad.

Don’t hide behind transparent objects…?

And thanks.

Also, to get the wheel running:


Out of focus =/= good pic.

all that talking about sleep makes me really tired. well, another reason could be that its 04:30 am here :v:

the problem with your picture is, that its out of focus, the persons are blurred, but the background isnt.

It was meant to focus mainly on the guy “hiding”.

I just told you goodnight!

I can’t tell whats going on in the pic.

Fair enough, I was too tired to think straight.