There's Covenant all over the place! (Scenebuild gm_flatgrass)

“Command, this is Sgt. Richards, requesting immediate evac, over.”

“Negative. We’re indicating hostiles all over the place, we cannot risk another bird, over.”

"Bullshit! We’ve lost four guys already. Me and Lcpl. Bennet are the only ones left. Our fifty’s running short on ammo and our Warthog’s FUBAR’d. We need dust-off immediately, over.


“Roger. Pick them off as long as you can. We’re risking one of our last operational birds in the area. Stay put. ETA: 7 minutes, over.”

“Roger that. OUT”

…LONG pause…

“Command to Sgt. Richards, that is a negative on your evac. Our bird was shot down. We have precious cargo on that Pelican, you need to secure it. It is VITAL that you reach it before the Covenant do. Crash site is north, just 150 meters of your position. A convoy is headed there now. You must secure the cargo and all remaining personnel still alive and rendezvous with the convoy at the site. That’s your way out, over.”

“SHIT! Roger that. God be with us. OUT.”


Random blur is really random.

It’s motion blur to give it that “shakey-actioney”

It doesn’t work. It just looks like a lazy effect.
No offence, but in-game super-depth-of-field would have looked better.

I’d have to disagree with you there. It’s aesthetically pleasing to me, but ok.

I will take it into consideration, though. next time you see my posts, there won’t be as much motion blur. however, i think my next one is going to have an explosion, so maybe…

It shouldn’t have less blur, it should have no blur. Seriously, it isn’t cinematic or impressive at all. It looks like the only editing you have done apart from the effects is slapping on a cheap filter. This might have been impressive back in 07, but it sure isn’t now.

Fookin’ Brutes.

Still disagree with you there, Chesty.

The Blur looks like shit

Lighting is bad, as always in flatgrass.

The blur might fool the simpletons into thinking that you have done some decent editing, something more than just cover up the crappy smoke and mediocre muzzleflash, but I’m giving you real criticism and you’d be a fool to ignore it.

Muzzleflash is a bit opaque, and I’m gonna have to agree with Chesty on this one Ensci. Also, I don’t understand why the smoke would be ‘beating’ the muzzleflash. It doesn’t really make sense to me. My two cents!
But nice Idea! :buddy:

The engravings on the guns and uniforms stand out more than they should. They look like they were added in MS Paint.

I’m assuming you’ve never shot a machinegun, or automatic rifle before.

Chesty: I wasn’t ignoring your advice (actually was considering it), I was simply irate due to your added unnecessary comments, more than your two cents. You added like an extra buck fifty there. But that’s all.

kthxbye. faptime.

I really like it, the blur focuses on the direct Marine, so to me it’s great. In one of your new poses, I show some enemies, even though the models are old. Oh and the Warthog doesn’t seem broken except for a crack in the glass, and the crack and carvings are too noticeable. Someones been rating your replies to Chesty dumb.
[sp]I think it’s the combine, he’s a slave to Chesty…[/sp] You want proof?


^ I agree with his opinions.

The blur is nice, to be honest. But the thing that really bothered me is that the crack in the window shows up so much. ;-;…


Nothing is showing up, So I don’t see anything 2 posts up

Random crack in the window was random :stuck_out_tongue:
The blur honestly doesn’t look good… (The zoom effect was all 2007), and it doesn’t fool us anymore.
The shell casting is pretty good, but the muzzleflash is a bit to transparent in my opinion.