''There's nothing out there, stop being a baby!''


I really like it, the jpeg quality seems low, but that’s awesome nonetheless.

Yeah man, there’s nothing out there but trees and a floating Uzi… :byodood:

Very nice, but im starting to get sick of seeing black bars.

The sniper blends in pretty well.

Oh lawd the mindfuck, didn’t even notice the sniper.

I cant see the sniper :eng99:

well done.

I failed to see the sniper.

Holy shit, the sniper truly blends in perfectly.

I expeceted a TF2 Pose for some reason.
Nice pic.

I saw him after I dropped my phone. I wouldn’t have seen the sniper otherwise. I like it.

:byodood: holy shit i see him.

“Hm, from the title, I’d expected there to be something aro-
Hold on… Is that an uzi floating in mid-air… Wait… :aaa:”

What went through my mind when I saw the shot.

im seeing these pictures almost all the time now

The trees are exacting their revenge! :black101:

For me, the demoman’s heavy accent went through my head. Don’t know why.

Anyway, nice picture.

I came in ready to look for something hidden. You know it’s gotta be there :smiley:

Awesome picture

lol i didnt even see him at first

that sniper. seriously. well done. :bravo:

It’s really dark, with no lighting at all. :3

It’s a bit dark, yeah, but I gotta give you kudos for hiding that sniper so well.