"There's something here.."


C&C welcome. Tried to mix Super DoF with Simple DoF since I didn’t got the wanted result in Super DoF, so I tried to mix them. Probably shit happened, and you experienced SS critics will know lol

I spot low res plants.
The posing is excelent and so is the faceposing but the picture seems quite empty.
Needs more bushes, grass and stuff like that and the hunter should be more visible.
Its cool but empty. Have heart.

Depth-of-field is a little heavy. Camera angle leaves a lot of empty space.

This criticism made me cry, of happiness. Thanks, I’ll sure work on that!

Isn’t that http://www.fpsbanana.com/skins/72959 he is holding?
Feels a little empty though on the pic…

Yep, that’s exactly what he’s holding ;D

The hunter in the bac should be more noticeable.

I see Slenderman and someone in blue in the back, but… I dont know who that is on the right all the way in the back.

That’s just a hunter. Heh.